Need Security Services in London?

Do you need security services in London? Have you been looking everywhere and going through every company to try and find the right one for you? Your search ends here!

Before we tell you why you should pick us, here are some of the security services we can offer all over London:

  • Static and Mobile Security Guards
  • CCTV Installation and Surveillance
  • Access Control, Keyholding and Alarm Response
  • Fully Licensed and Available London Wide
  • Competitive Rates and Quality Service


Accolade Security provides reliable security staff for you. If you wish to see our full list of services and read them in detail, you can visit our services page now. We are a citywide provider of security services and a trusted provider in London. We supply a very large selection of venues, business and industries with security staff and keep our clients happy by deploying only the most sophisticated and highly trained SIA licensed guards. Our reputation as one of London’s best is not unearned.

How London Security Operates

security services london

The city is bustling and busy. You’ll need to understand and accept that as a venue or business. More foot traffic means more customers, which in turn means more chances for trouble. Unfortunately, this is a fact and it’s unavoidable. But there are ways to effectively deal with these possibilities and minimise the effects of trouble.

You need a company that has experience and a proven track record in dealing with the nature of London venues specifically. Our city is unique and because of that needs to be treated as its own unique beast; Accolade Security has many years of handling the London crowd so we have become somewhat specialists in the field. We know how the revellers behave before entering the venue, while inside and when they are leaving. We know how to diffuse trouble, handle difficult situations and we know how to focus on giving all patrons a good time. Accolade Security takes great pride in what we have learned and what we do.