Should you consider a security career?

A security career is a path that a great number of people choose for various reasons. Some might love the challenges that come with the job, others enjoy the sense of duty and authority. However, it is often underestimated how much responsibility is put in the hands of a security guard. Not only is it required to keep the premises safe but you also have the safety and security of human lives at stake.


Responsibility In Security Career

It is safe to say a good security officer must have a great sense of maturity and responsibility in order to perform well in his career. Of course, a good training would prepare a rookie officer for emergency situations such as fire, vandalism, theft,  riots…etc. But in practice, the urge to supervise and protect must come from within.

Since a security officer’s job is to protect lives and properties, you’d need to have a certain level of health and fitness as well as the initiative to respond quickly and efficiently to unexpected events.

As stated earlier, most people choose this career as a way of achieving the sense of duty, but with that comes the need to be confident enough to challenge people when your gut feeling tells you there’s something off. Sometimes it is not immediately obvious to identify issues, because of this the officer on duty must be sharp and have a good sense of other people’s behavioural patterns.

Of course, the job also comes with a lot of perks. Security officers are highly respected and without them, the risk of criminal activity or intent would most certainly increase.

There’s also the social aspect, as you will encounter various people in all sorts of different social situations, Which can full your day with a lot of laughter and humour.

Choosing this career also gives you the benefit of having the option to perform their abilities in every corner of the world. From high-end shopping malls to help world’s largest music festivals!

Now that you know what is required, would you still consider a career in security? And if so, what part of the role attracts you the most?