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The Accolade is one of the pioneers in providing its clients with close protection services in London and all around the UK.

Why Need VIP or Personal Protection Security?

As the world is becoming a very unstable place, a security consciousness and a need to protect itself have emerged. In recent times, people need to protect themselves from the unforeseen threats staggering around them all the time. People hire a bodyguard to ensure their security everywhere they go. They want to ensure protection from the risks like theft, physical assault, kidnapping, murder, attacks, possible strange activities, and any abnormal activities going around. By hiring Accolade security close protection services they will be able to keep their eyes and ears open to all the potential security risks to reduce the likelihood of any incident.

How We Manage VIP Closed Services for You?

At Accolade, we are fully aware that VIP close protection services are needed by many people. We know that every individual has his own set of requirements and needs protection for different reasons. Therefore, we conduct a comprehensive risk assessment to understand our client’s specifications. Additionally, we closely work with the clients to make sure we address their security issues as per their wishes. Furthermore, by doing so we provide you with well-versed and professional personal protection officers. We carefully design a personalized yet systematic approach to meet your specifications. We offer a multitude of personnel professional services with a client-oriented approach to work.

Good Things About Our Security Guards

We deploy the guards that amicably fit into your lifestyle and cater to your personal needs with professional closed protection services in London.

Our close protection officers have vast experience and have worked with various individuals and families from different ethical backgrounds and cultures. Our guards have versatile work experience and they can cope with the needs of different people, such as high profiles and fast-paced lifestyles. They can assist them with managing a social life, personal life, shopping trips, table reservations, routine activities, and much more.

Well-trained Close Protection Officers

We have an array of bodyguards who come from various backgrounds including from the British army, police services, government specialist units, special forces, and others. They have commercial as well as private experience in London and over the UK. We believe in continuous training and for that, we believe in constant upgrading of their skills over time. Our teams remain well-informed about the latest changes. They develop their skills to provide their users with the top personal security services. We have one of the friendliest personnel who can tackle different situations amicably. They are highly trained to manage conflicts that may arise along with a physical defense of the client. They also know first aid and other crucial services concerning prolific individuals and wealthy families.











100% privacy and Discretion Remain Intact

Our services speak of the professionalism and efficiency we tend to deliver to our clients. Nevertheless, all our close protection officers are licensed and fully vetted in compliance with the standards established. Our guards also sign non-disclosure agreements with the clients to ensure the confidentiality of the sensitive information. All this is done to make sure the utmost privacy and discretion remain intact and thus, quality is guaranteed. If you require personal protection for yourself or your loved ones, Accolade Security Company London is there for you. Get your hands on highly qualified and well-equipped security guards who can support you. Our guards will ensure maximum protection with high-impact and cost-effective security solutions.

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