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Did you just forget the business keys at home? We got you covered! Grab a cup of coffee and let us open it for you. Accolade provides security solutions for your commercial premises in the UK.

Security is a paramount concern for businesses of all sizes. In the United Kingdom, key holding companies play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of business premises. These specialized companies provide a range of services designed to protect businesses, including key holding services and alarm response activities.

What is a Key Holding Company?

A key holding company is an organization that assumes responsibility for securely storing and managing keys to business premises on behalf of their clients. These companies are typically licensed and regulated by relevant authorities to maintain strict standards of security and professionalism. They act as a trusted intermediary, providing prompt access to premises when required and responding to security incidents in a timely manner.

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Services Provided by Key Holding Companies:

1. Key Holding and Management:

The primary service offered by key holding companies is the secure storage and management of keys. Businesses entrust their keys to these companies, ensuring they are kept in a secure facility. Key holding companies maintain meticulous records, including details of authorized personnel and the purpose of each key, to ensure proper access control.

2. Alarm Response:

Key holding companies are often tasked with responding to alarm activations on behalf of their clients. In these unprecedented times of Covid-19, having a reliable alarm response company is more crucial than ever before to handle any alarm activations. Our team can swiftly respond to alarm activations and reach your property within a short span of just 20 minutes. When an alarm system is triggered, the key holding company’s trained and licensed security personnel promptly respond to the premises to assess the situation. They have the necessary expertise to handle a range of security incidents, from false alarms to actual security breaches, in accordance with predetermined protocols.

3. Security Patrols:

In addition to key holding services and alarm response, many key holding companies offer security patrol services. These patrols involve trained security personnel conducting regular checks of the client’s premises to deter potential intruders and ensure all areas are secure. Security patrols can be customized to meet specific client requirements, such as conducting patrols at specific times or focusing on particular areas of concern.

4. Lock and Unlock Services:

Key holding services include the provision lock and unlock services, particularly valuable for businesses with varied operating hours or multiple locations. Trained professionals from the key holding company ensure that the premises are securely locked at the end of the day and unlocked prior to the start of business. This service offers convenience and peace of mind, as businesses can rely on experienced professionals to handle this critical task consistently.

5. Key Cutting and Duplication:

To further assist businesses, key holding companies often offer key cutting and duplication services. This eliminates the need for businesses to seek external vendors for key-related tasks. Key holding companies can provide spare keys as needed, ensuring that businesses have easy access to duplicate keys whenever necessary, while maintaining the required level of security and authorization.

Benefits of Engaging a Key Holding Company

Rapid Response: Key holding companies ensure rapid response to security incidents, reducing the risk of damage, theft, or unauthorized access to premises. Their trained professionals can quickly assess the situation and take appropriate action, minimizing potential losses.

Expertise and Professionalism: Key holding companies employ trained security personnel who possess the necessary expertise and experience to handle security incidents effectively. They are well-versed in security protocols, risk management, and emergency response procedures.

Engaging a key holding company like Accolade can be a cost-effective solution compared to hiring and training in-house security personnel. Businesses can benefit from the specialized services of a professional security provider without the added expenses of recruitment, training, and ongoing management.

Enhanced Safety and Peace of Mind: Knowing that a professional key holding company is responsible for managing keys and responding to security incidents provides business owners and managers with peace of mind.

An experienced keyholder possesses the necessary expertise and training to handle any situation effectively. Their preparedness enables them to deliver a prompt and efficient response, regardless of the circumstances. On the other hand, entrusting keyholding responsibilities to an in-house team, especially when multiple keyholders are involved without proper communication, cannot guarantee the same level of effectiveness.

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