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Retail Security Guards Company in London

Accolade Security is one of the best retail security guards company in London that provides loss prevention officers, undercover store detectives, SIA licensed Door Supervisors, and profit protection retail officers in London and nationwide. Our clients include luxury diamond jewelry stores and high-end brands. We have a strong retail security presence in central London including; regent street, oxford street, bond street, new bond street, etc. Also, we provide retail security officers to luxury brands in Westfield shopping centers and many more.

Our Retail Guarding Services to the Clients

When it comes to the reduction in stock loss and deterrence of shoplifting, Accolade is recognized as one of the pioneers in the retail security industry. Our Retail guards follow 3 steps strategy to protect your store that includes; observance, identification, and prevention.  Whether you need an officer to be present on the shop floor, patrolling the whole store, working undercover, meeting & greeting customers, assisting shop floor staff with merchandize, monitoring CCTV, staying overnight for shop refit, covering sample sales an Accolade can cover all categories easily.

Accolade comprises highly professional retail security guards in London at your disposal to keep your corporate affairs intact. Our undercover store detectives can secure your merchandise from theft, suspicious activities, burglary, and embezzlement. We come into action when you are looking for the most professional and best security company in London. Our retail security experts in London have years of experience in providing retail security services. Thus, we are aware of the dynamics and dimensions operated in the retail market segment. Nonetheless, despite how challenging your work is, Accolade is the best retail security guards company in London that possesses security guards with field knowledge and understanding of handling the complexities. Our guards are loss prevention & profit protection trained and they remain attentive and alert at all times. Moreover, being highly vigilant and proactive is the approach we take on to ensure the safety of the staff and the customers perfectly.

Retail Security Guards Provision Nationwide

Accolade Security provides highly trained retail security guards to retail stores, outlets, and shopping centers across the UK. So, whether you have stores in London, Swindon, Bicester Village, Birmingham, Manchester, or anywhere else, drop us a message on our 24/7 customer services panel on the website or write us an email at give us a call at 020-7709 3056 to get security services quote or consultation without any obligation.

How Can Accolade Secure your store?

To select the right security company for the security of your store, several important factors should be considered. These include the location of your store, surrounding area, diameter of your store, layout of store floors and changing rooms, number of shop floor assistants present, the position of CCTV cameras, etc. Unfortunately, shoplifting will always remain a notable risk, however, by hiring Accolade security services you can substantially reduce the chance of stock loss or theft in your store.

At Accolade our IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) qualified management team first conducts a free site risk assessment of your store. Then our specialist store detectives and retail security guards visit a store for induction and give a demo. We identify blind spots, check CCTV cameras, liaise with the local street security team, identify the most vulnerable items to be stolen and put security tags on them, suggest security plans to the store manager, and share profit protection knowledge with the store team and deter internal and external theft.

Fully trained retail security guards are vital when it comes to the safety & security of your business. Not only do they help to stop theft, but they also remain proactive and act as a deterrent to prevent it when a crime is in progress. This allows the store manager and shop floor team to assist customers and make sales rather than worrying about store security. In a retail environment, 9 out of 10 times store staff is usually unaware of how to handle a difficult situation or tackle a shoplifter. However, Accolade qualified security guards will take away this stress from your team and will handle the situation themselves.










Accolade believes in Customer Satisfaction

For us, the business size does not matter. Therefore, we fully understand your requirements and thus, maintain the top-notch security for your brand. We believe in offering consistent and well-composed services to our clients and customers at cost-effective rates. Hence, we are fully committed to delivering maximum customer satisfaction with great expertise and experience. The success of your business is our success and we take a pride in it.

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