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At Accolade, we provide you with stress-free security services. Our team of professionals is always there to guard your business so you can work in your comfort, every day. Accolade Security commenced its operations in August 2004 with the prime mission to provide premium quality security at affordable budget-friendly rates. We integrate quality and professionalism in the provision of security services. Hence, we are the trendsetters and the best security company in London, UK, and nationwide.

Our Management Team

At Accolade, we have a team of professionals who possess 50 years of combined management experience. All of our management staff worked themselves in the field and fully understand the security industry requirements and core of the business. We do understand current security challenges in the UK and according to that, we guide our client about robust security planning. Our management professionals are certified to conduct risk assessments and they fully understand SIA compliance requirements.

Our team of internal auditors ensures that we comply with industry standards of vetting and screening. There is a dedicated team present in the Accolade office who continuously ensures that company policies are aligned with security industry standards.

Our Specialization

Accolade specializes in providing SIA licensed door supervisors, man guarding security services, first aid certified/paramedics trained officers, close protection security officers, dog handlers, event stewards, CCTV operators, mobile patrol officers, key holding services, locking and unlocking, caretaker, traffic marshalls, hotel security officers, reception and concierge services, static security guards, high-end luxury retail guards, undercover store detectives, Doorstaff for bars & restaurants and much more. We have the status of SIA approved contractor and we are annually audited by BAB. Our performance is our pride and to date, we have never lost any client or contract.

Security services

Who do we provide services to?

At Accolade, we cover a wide range of security sectors and provide bespoke security solutions to our clients. Currently, we are providing security management services to hotels, clubs, bars, restaurants, schools, colleges, universities, warehouses, empty buildings, construction sites, offices, football stadiums, hospitals, high-end luxury retail stores, food markets, residential buildings, railway stations, festivals, music venues, wedding events, funeral, film premiers and many more.

Mission Statement

Accolade Security strives to provide dependable and professional security services at reasonable rates to all of our clients. We promote training and development to ensure that the security personnel deployed are of the highest caliber. The safety & security of your business is our mission.

Why Choose Us?

We are not just a cost-effective security company but also quick in response time. Each client is important to us and our management team personally takes interest and utilizes their skills, expertise, and commitment to give the best service experience. Being an SME our whole management team gets involved in the delivery of each project to make it successful. In case of an emergency, you can get security cover from us anywhere in London & Nationwide within less than 6 hours. At Accolade our clients get direct access to the company’s higher management and we provide 24/7 customer service support. We are not confined to any specific sector; instead, we have a plethora of security sectors that we have successfully served and continue to do so. We have a pool of 250+ SIA licensed security experts in London and nationwide who are our assets. They are professionally trained in anti-terrorism and also have fire marshall, banksman, and first aid training. Our staff is diverse and multi-lingual which means you have a variety of options to select as per your requirements. We are committed to providing high standard work, professionalism, dedication, and due diligence. We remain committed to keeping you safe, secured, and protected with utmost quality, content, and maximum client satisfaction.

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