Security Guard

Become a Security Guard

February 26, 2017

Entry requirements

You must be over 18 and hold an Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence to work as a door supervisor in England or Wales. You will need to pass identity and criminal record checks.

You’ll also need a good level of physical fitness.

The SIA has more information about training providers and working as a door supervisor.

You could get into this job through an apprenticeship.

Skills required

  • The ability to make decisions quickly

  • Good customer service skills

  • Good powers of observation

  • Strong communication skills

  • The ability to defuse potentially violent situations

What you’ll do

You’ll decide who to allow into the venue, and stop people entering who you decide are unsuitable. You’ll check customers aren’t underage or carrying illegal substances or objects, like drugs or weapons.

Your day-to-day duties may include:

  • managing crowds and queues

  • making sure people keep to the dress code

  • checking tickets

  • patrolling inside and outside the venue

  • watching people’s behavior and dealing with conflict

  • restraining and escorting people out of the venue, if necessary

  • dealing with emergencies

  • co-operating with police, first aiders and management


You’ll usually be paid around £10 to £15 an hour.

These figures are a guide.

Working hours, patterns and environment

Your working hours will depend on the opening times of the venue, but will usually include evening and weekend shifts. Part-time work is very common.

You’ll usually work on the door in all weathers and have some duties inside the venue.

You’ll usually wear a uniform.

You may have to work in a noisy environment, like a nightclub.

Career path and progression

With experience, you could progress to team leader or area supervisor.

You could move into other types of security-related work, like retail security.

You could also go on to set up your own agency.