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Benefits of professional construction site security

June 7, 2022

Theft and vandalism on construction sites cause damage in the millions every year. Large construction sites are now particularly popular with thieves as a potential crime scene since unsecured materials and tools are often of high value and can be resold relatively easily as stolen goods. Almost everything is stolen – from expensive copper pipes to high-quality windows, smaller construction machines, and sensitive electronics. Many companies are therefore increasingly relying on holistic construction site monitoring on smaller and larger building sites. It offers comprehensive protection against theft of valuable building materials and recyclable materials on the building site. Security companies such as Accolade Security Company in London now offer a special service package for construction site surveillance. Such a security concept for building sites offers the potential user numerous Benefits, which will be explained in more detail in the following sections.

Why do builders and construction companies need building protection?

In principle, the question of liability for theft or damage to property, property, and persons on building sites is easy to answer: As a rule, the builders, construction companies, or subcontractors are liable for damage occurring on the building site. Therefore, the builder must take all safety precautions that can prevent such damage. This also includes the commissioning of an experienced and professionally certified security company.

Benefit 1: Theft protection

As part of a construction site surveillance, building materials and recyclables are monitored by a competent team of security specialists. For this purpose, safety experts are on the construction site for the periods requested by the customer, who undertake specified inspection rounds. This ensures that potential thieves cannot steal building materials, vans, construction equipment, blueprints, or other valuables. The presence of specially trained security officers is a deterrent to thieves.

Benefit 2: Fire protection

Fires also destroy countless millions of dollars in construction progress and materials every year. It is correspondingly important to deploy a trained specialist team consisting of safety specialists with many years of experience who deal with organizational fire protection.
A professional security company therefore also ensures that there is no fire on building sites in the first place (regardless of whether it is the fault of someone else or yourself) or takes all necessary measures in the event of a fire.

Benefit 3: Avoidance of construction delays

Construction delays can also lead to financial losses for builders and construction companies.  The construction site surveillance of the Accolade Security company also offers comprehensive protection against construction delays and strives for a well-established team of security experts.

Benefit 4: protection against vandalism

It is becoming more and more common for unauthorized construction site visitors not to seek theft of materials, but pure vandalism. This can, for example, be the result of protest actions, competing construction companies, or residents who want to vent their frustration at the progress of construction. A professional security company offers the best possible protection against this as well.

We ensure the safety and value retention of your building materials and recyclable materials on the construction site and prevent theft and vandalism reliably and seriously. We at the Accolade Security company in London would therefore be pleased if you could contact us and of course, we wish you all the best until then!