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Brexit affecting the security industry in London

June 18, 2019

How Brexit Will Affect The Security Guard Industry
Regardless of how each of us voted, Brexit has caused a great deal of uncertainty around the economy and national security. However, one industry that hasn’t been looked at in detail is the security guard industry. While there are not really any certain answers on Brexit affecting the security industry, fair assumptions can be made. Here are the top ways in which Brexit could affect the security guard sector.

1- Brexit Affecting The Security Industry Fewer Security Guards

Much like other similar sectors, the security guard industry is heavily reliant on EU nationals working in Britain. The most recent statistics show that over 15,000 new security licenses were issued to EU nationals, which is a large portion of the total. While this might sound like more job opportunities for British nationals, Brexit could result in fewer overall jobs, and current security officers being stretched further to meet demands.

2- Companies Could Leave The UK

One of the most notable ways of Brexit affecting the security industry could be in the loss of major headquarters based in Britain. Although in different sectors, we’ve already lost companies like Dyson, Nissan, and BMW, all of which have moved their headquarters to more useful places. Many security companies have profitable interests in the EU that are larger than their British interests, so what’s to stop them from moving where they’ll make more money? This will lead to a weakening of the sector as industry leaders make room for smaller firms.

3- Brexit Affecting The Security Industry Means Less Immigration

One possible outcome of Brexit affecting the security industry is that it could lead to more jobs. After all, if Britain is able to take control of its immigration, people will need to be there to enforce the rules and maintain security. This is where the security guard industry comes in, and there could be an increase in jobs around airport and ferry port security in order to stop potential migrants.

4- National Security Could Be Under Threat

While this probably won’t have a direct effect on the security guard industry, if Britain loses its ties to international, EU-based security forces then it could have an impact on national security. This could lead to Brexit affecting the security industry by not only increasing the threat of domestic and international terrorism, but simply by increasing public anxiety around the potential of a threat. Considering one of the main jobs for a security guard is to make people feel safe, this could mean they’ll have their work cut out for them.

So how is Brexit affecting the security industry? As with many other sectors, there currently isn’t enough information to know for sure, and it’s unlikely there will be hard answers for at least another few years. However, it’s fairly certain that there will be a drop in the industry as businesses work out their next moves, but it’s also likely that job opportunities could increase. After all, nothing calls for security like economic and national insecurity!