Tips on Building a Good Team of staff

June 13, 2017

Tips on Building a Good Team of staff

Building a good team is one of the most important things for security. In the private security sector, teamwork can be the difference between success and failure. It is so important because the security operatives are responsible for protecting and guarding people and valuables. To create strong teams, we use our experience in the industry and key tips.

Characteristics of a Good Team (Source)

The first thing we do when creating our teams is to find a suitable leader. A team with a strong leader always functions better because it has direction, control and management. We use our more experienced staff members to lead the teams and they adhere to our principles in team management.

  • Team goals are set and understood for every project
  • Each member trusts their own judgement
  • Communication is constant and effective
  • Decisions are made using logical methods
  • Goals are given realistic time frames


We always set the team goals first because the members need to know what they are doing and why. And we always start every job with a meeting so that questions can be asked and answered at the start. Direction is key for maintaining a great team.

The second factor to consider is always the individual team members, because your team is only is only as strong as the weakest links. We train and review each of our staff with regular feedback to keep them constantly improving their skills.