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Close protection services in London


Accolade Security offers professional close protection services in London. Our work fits perfectly into the requirements of the clients who are usually seeking close protection security – low key discreet security or high profile covert personal close protection.

Highly qualified close protection services in London

Accolade Security has gathered some of the worlds most qualified and experienced close protection managers and officers. Our security guards are all SIA licensed and extremely professional. They have all had experience in executive and VIP close protection from many of our previous clients, so you will feel more than secure.

Flexible bodyguard services

We recognize that each client has specific needs and desires, which we assess and address individually. The security officers that are assigned for close protection are always customized to each of our clients’ individual requirements with operating environment, very latest threat state and security profile taken into strong consideration.

Overall, our close protection officers work to the highest professional standards, blending seamlessly into your family and professional life, and enabling you to conduct your business with confidence.

If you are looking for professional close protection services in London, Accolade Security is the reasonable choice. Our affordable services are completely accessible to small and large businesses while still bringing the highest level of close protection services throughout London.

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