June 14, 2018



There’s a rush of excitement and fear when you first start your door supervising training. The excitement is mainly due to the fact that you are about to set off on a new career adventure as a security officer, however, what we all forget about the job is the ability to focus while others are having a good time. More often than not, people won’t respect your actions. This can be incredibly aggravating. Especially when the decision is not up to you as you are only doing your job.

In the UK, door supervisors go through a lot of stress, as it is similar to security guard’s role, police officers or close protection officers. Which is why dealing with stress should be pre-emotive rather than momentary. So here are different ways to feel less stress  during your job:


1.Regular exercise:


If you have a feeling of fogginess or stiff body, it might be due to a lack of oxygen in your blood or your body is not getting enough energy for you to function. So exercise is an excellent way to keep your oxygen level high and your heart rate low. Low heart rate helps you relax when your under stress and helps you cope with heated situations. Cardio exercise is crucial in releasing endorphins into your blood streams which, by the way, do wonders for your relaxation. So if you are willing to relieve stress these are the exercises to consider :
2.Shadow boxing

Add some of these exercises to your routine and watch how your stress level drops dramatically.


2. Staying hydrated:


Our daily consumption of beverages has limited our ability to stay hydrated properly. We are so used to drinking beverages that it gives us the impression we are fully hydrated when In fact we are not. If anything, soft drinks make us feel even thirstier for more processed drinks rather than the natural water our body needs.
Proper hydration keeps our body relaxed helping to curb our stress level. So whenever your at work, always keep a bottle of water on you and try as much as possible cutting down on processed drinks/beverages.


3. Healthy meals :


We all know how demanding the job can be sometimes, especially when you have to be on your feet most of the time. Which can explain why we love a quick fast food burger to keep us going for the day. However the problem with this is, we end up spending more money and end up with symptoms like mental fogginess. If you aren’t allowed to eat during your hours of work then eating a proper home cooked meal before your shift will be a better option as it will give you the nutrition needed to work effectively. High energy and mental clarity means less stress, which is why it’s important to eat healthy and maintain  stable mental clarity.


4. Plenty of rest:



It can be difficult to maintain a regular sleeping pattern when you’re mostly working at night. Most of your sleeping is during the day and we all know how important sleep is for us to function in any activity. Lack of sleep will increase your stress level, so don’t let your body be fooled by the sunlight. Try to get as much solid rest as you can.
Everyone’s body works different as some people need more sleep than others. It’s always a good thing to watch and observe our body so we can determine what time is right for us to rest and recharge. And if you struggle with insomnia it’s best for you to research some home remedies that might help in getting a relaxed peaceful sleep.