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Leaders in London Security

Are you concerned about the security of your business, and looking for security companies in London to safeguard it? If so, then your search will end with us: Accolade Security Services. Security is a pressing issue for all business owners. You need to keep your possessions safe and protect them from damage. Accolade Security is a Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved supplier providing the highest standard of security services to corporate and commercial businesses. Whatever it is that you value most; we will keep it safe, secure and protected.

Accolade Security UK Limited holds SIA Approved Contractor status for the provision of: Door Supervision, Key Holding, and Security Guarding services.

Commitment to Safety

We understand that you rely on us for safeguarding your business, that’s why we put in our best men, technology and monitoring service into every contract. Our security service is one of the leading services in London, providing integrated and comprehensive security to your business. Since 2004, we have never lost a client due to poor service. We have built a reputation based on trust and outstanding performance. We are innovative and forward thinking, always ready to go the extra mile.

We top security companies in every way

We have addressed the ever changing industry with a dynamic and flexible approach to security management resulting in an unmatched service. At Accolade we are driven by challenges to create safe and enjoyable environments without the need to escalate situations.
With our friendly and helpful approach to security we are changing the way security services are delivered in the industry one venue at a time which you will see in the feedback from all of our clients. With an unblemished record for going above and beyond to provide the best service we are always seeking to grow and improve our services.