Essential Equipment for Security Guards

April 2, 2019

Essential Equipment for Security Guards

Being a security guard means taking on a lot of responsibility. The role is quite varied, and a good security guard will be covered for many possible outcomes every time they come to work. A good security guard is massively supported by their chosen equipment. Here is a list of the most important security guard equipment.



Possibly one of the most important pieces of security guard equipment is the radio (walkie talkie). It allows a security officer to stay in contact with “HQ”, and to radio in any possible disturbances or emergencies. When it comes to chasing down shoplifters. Having radio contact with fellow security guards can make all the difference. It is a piece of essential equipment for security guards


First Aid Kit

This might not be thought of as an important part of a security guard’s equipment. It can make all the difference in some situations. Even a mini first aid kit; containing basic items such as bandages, plasters, and antiseptic spray can be a massive help. It would be best to only carry one of these if you’re a first aid trained security officer.


Security Vest

Another crucial and essential equipment for security guards is the vest. In some cases, this might be a Kevlar vest. Not every security guard needs one of these. The most important thing about the vest is that it identifies you as a member of security personnel. Members of the public can easily identify you.




A camera can be very useful when it comes to being a security guard. Regardless of whether this is a body cam, or simply a mobile phone’s camera. Being able to record antisocial behaviour can be very helpful if you need to report a crime. The camera is an essential equipment for security guards. It could be the difference between a conviction or charges being dropped.


Pepper Spray

Not every security officer may be allowed to carry this, but it can be an important piece of security guard equipment. If the role involves protecting vulnerable people or valuable property, you might be issued with pepper spray, but make sure you use it wisely. Any good security firm will provide proper training for its use.



This might seem like an obvious piece of security guard equipment, but you need a good belt for storing all of your equipment. They will usually have several clips and pockets, which allows you to carry a wide range of equipment. Having your security guard equipment on display also makes it easier to reach, and serves as a good deterrent for many potential criminals.


Good quality boots

This might seem like another no-brainer, but considering many security guards are on their feet all day, a good pair of boots is necessary. Ideally, they should have steel toecaps for extra protection.

Security guard equipment can mean many things, and this list only covers the basics that will be used by most security officers. It’s important that a good security guard knows how to use all of their equipment, and only uses it when necessary.


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