Friendly Security Staff makes a huge difference

September 25, 2017

Friendly Security Staff makes a huge difference


The importance of friendly security staff cannot be understated. We’ve been in the industry for a long time, so we know how important a simple smile can be. London is full of both happy and unhappy individuals, but, all of them recognise a smile when they see one.


Scenario: Friendly Security Refuse Entry

Now image a simple scenario, where you are being refused entry to a venue. You are not allowed to enter. This is an upsetting situation we can all relate to at one time or another.

Now in this scenario, the friendly security guard explains to you before and after refusing you entry the reason why, with a smile and soft tone of voice. They listen to you and appear understanding and reasonable. You of course, agree that this defuses the anger you initially felt and you’re left liking the guard rather than despising them.


Scenario: You are asked to Leave

In another scenario when you are asked to leave a venue, or event, being asked by a kind and smiling face will make become more agreeable. Our responses are built into our psychology.
We find it difficult to respond aggressively to an open and honest smile because it makes us feel like the ‘bad guy‘. So we never underestimate the importance of a smile or of friendly security staff.

We take this so seriously that we train our staff to become friendly security rather than stout or intimidating. You can see some exercises here that aid a friendly smile too! You can see the full range of our services right here. In every service we offer, we offer effective solutions. Get in contact with us today. We will provide you with the services and staff you need this coming season to keep you and your venue securely protected.