SIA Approved

Is it Enough to Hire SIA Approved Security Company

October 16, 2023

When it comes to large security companies, it is very much a case of quantity over quality. These companies often hire low-cost, inexperienced guards who are not properly trained or equipped to handle security threats. It is better to prioritize quality over quantity.

Evaluating the quality

To know about the quality of the security company in London you need to consider some factors. One way is to check with its SIA (Security Industry Authority) license. The issuance of SIA licenses ensures that event security personnel possess the necessary skills and integrity to safeguard people and property. It promotes the idea that holding an SIA license is an assurance of having attained a high standard of industry competence, but sometimes, the results of the security companies turn out to be different from what people have heard.

Choosing the Right Company

To look for security companies in the UK, you need to consider their experience, cost and services their security guards in London are giving your company.

Experience Matters in Special Event Security

As we talk about the experience, the company should have a good experience in handling special events security, particularly with large crowds, as it is an important consideration. These companies with experience in managing diverse crowd sizes are better equipped to handle any type of audience.

Experience Matters

While security guards in London are not expected to engage in physical altercations with attendees, their physical presence should be considered, especially in rowdy environments. Clear communication helps prevent misunderstandings and can be critical during emergency evacuations. Effective communication skills are essential for event security guards.

Cost and Accountability

Now let’s talk about the cost of hiring the security company in London. The amount you are willing to allocate for event security determines which security guard company you can hire. If budget constraints are significant, you may consider volunteer event stewards. However, it’s important to note that volunteers may not possess the same level of commitment and accountability as paid guards.

Although not legally required, it is good business practice for a special event security company to have public liability insurance. Whether the event is large or small, the presence of professional, qualified, and dependable event security personnel is crucial for its success.