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Keeping in mind security threats in the UK, we are providing the most efficient security services in the UK. Our security company in Hackney can proudly handle all the potential threats indoors or outdoors. We make sure that our customers enjoy their time freely and remain safe with our security services.

Most importantly, we have a fair dealing with our customers. We would provide them with advice as to how they can utilise our security services rather than randomly choosing them because we care for our customers.

We can guarantee our security services because we follow the security standards of the UK through our accreditations. Our clients do not have to worry about the professionalism and ethics of our security guards because that is their part of the training.

  • Security Company in Hackney

SIA Approved Security Guards in Hackney

Our team of expert security guards are approved by the SIA (Security Industry Authority) in the UK. Therefore, they are trained to provide security services in commercial spaces as well as public and private buildings and events.

We understand that every client has different requirements for their security events. At Accolade, we have a dedicated team of security guards, each of them working skillfully in their domain of security services. The interesting part of their jobs is that they can manage to have additional responsibilities if they are asked to do so. Consequently, the security company in Hackney is becoming popular each day.

Choosing our security guards is beneficial because they understand the limitations in the security industry and are well-trained to manage those problems as they have learned to encounter problems during their training for the approval of SIA.

We would always like to provide the best security experience to our customers with our security services:

Keyholding and Alarm Response:

In terms of security, alarms are essential to deter security threats, such as burglar alarms or fire alarms. We provide keyholding and alarm response services 24/7, which means we are taking care of your premises all the time whether you are present or not. Our special security force keeps a duplicate of the office keys or house keys for emergency responses. They can trace down the intruder with keyholding services and alarm response as the alarm goes off and they can reach the premises with a duplicate version of keys.

Door Supervisors:

Our services of door supervision are usually requested in bars or clubs. However, we provide door supervising to our clients in public events, too. They would do their additional responsibility of ticket management to control the crowd and chaos at the same time. They can be anywhere in the event, mainly trying to do conflict management and remove the potential threats by controlling the influx of guests coming in the event.

Retail Security:

We provide retail security services to our customers in malls and outlets, especially. Our trained staff for retail security services are totally guarding the outlet, no matter how big or small the commercial space is. They are motivated to deal with loss prevention and conflict management in the stores and shops.

Event Security:

Our clients have various types of events in the UK, including Hackney, all around the year. Deploying our security guards in those events helps our clients in deterring the potential dangers and threats on the site, especially intrusion. We maintain a safe space for our clients during their public and private events.

Why Choose Accolade as Your Security Guards Company in Hackney

You may find our security services common, but we have unmatchable experience in the industry because we thrive on innovative and creative solutions for our customers with our SIA-approved security guards.

Trained Security Guards:

The recruitment process of our security guards is comprehensive. We choose them from different backgrounds, yet we go through a professional background check that includes their previous references.

Flexible Services:

Our innovative solutions provide our clients with a great experience of security services as our security guards are totally equipped with the latest knowledge about security threats and ways to avoid those dangers.

Reasonable Pricing:

We are clear in our transactions. Therefore, we maintain our clientele with specific security needs to make them feel safe with our security services.

Rapid Response:

Our security guards are available 24/7 to serve you with the best protection services. They are equipped with security gadgets and technology for strict surveillance at the perimeters of the location that are well connected with our security company in Hackney.

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