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Accolade Security believes in focusing on the right security services needed in the UK. Accolade is the best security company in Hammersmith and Fulham for its reputation and cost-effective security services in the UK.

We do not believe in ‘one-size fits all’ therefore, we develop personalized security strategies to get complete customer satisfaction. We are flexible in our services to deliver the best security plans for our customers. Primarily, our focus is to provide protection services efficiently with better strategies every time our clients want us. At Accolade, our portfolio is not limited to event security and retail security, but we are also providing the services of door supervisors and alarm response for your clubs, hotels and other premises. Our security services are impeccable with the advancement in security threats and solutions to encounter those dangers and remove them to allow our clients to work in a secure environment with few distractions and unfortunate incidents.

  • Security Company in Hammersmith and Fulham

You can rely on our security company in Hammersmith and Fulham because we use have the same security protocols everywhere, but use different strategies to keep the environment safe from intruders.

SIA Approved Security Guards in Hammersmith and Fulham

We put a great effort into choosing our security guards, going through a detailed recruitment process to find the most capable security guard. Our security force is created out of well-trained and professional security staff who are registered by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). Our robust recruitment process is designed to comply with British Standards, BS7898 & BS7499.

For us, the safety of our clients is paramount. Therefore, we create solutions and strategies to protect our customers according to their security needs and make sure they feel safe in the presence of the security staff.

We have layered our security services to remain the best in the security industry. Our services include:

  • Keyholding and Alarm Response:

Giving the locks in the hand of a team member could be problematic because if the alarm goes off, they will be put at risk to look at the alarming situation. Therefore, it is better to hire well-trained Accolade security officers who can work in emergency call-outs. Our security company in Hammersmith and Fulham will monitor the alarm systems to ensure the safety of the company’s staff on the premises.

  • Door Supervisors:

We take pride in supplying reliable security personnel at night time, too. Our clients hold great value for us; therefore, we do not compromise on the quality security services that they require in their bars, clubs or hotels. A complete risk assessment and compliance are provided with the guidance of door supervisors to our clients.

  • Retail Security:

We protect your assets during the unofficial hours too. We understand the importance of business assets, especially in the retail industry. We make strategies to avoid the shop-lifters in the day and intruders in the night. Our security personnel would take attentive measures to provide a completely safe environment.

  • Event Security:

We have qualified security staff to provide event security. They need to have expertise in doing additional tasks because event management is chaotic and they need to remain calm to work efficiently. Therefore, our security personnel are trained to work on more than one type of assignment.

Why Choose Accolade as Your Security Guards Company in Hammersmith and Fulham

We know that our clients have worked hard to establish their business in the market, therefore they should not compromise on security services. We do not only provide security to the company staff but also protect the business assets.

Flexible Security Services:

Our security guards are working to protect the staff and assets with our personalised security services. Client satisfaction is our priority and we will create security solutions according to their needs.

Budget-Friendly Pricing:

We try to cater for our potential clients as much as we can. Most importantly, we try to provide a friendly budget that does not cost them a lot and come up with a monthly affordable contract. Not every security service would be required for your business, therefore, we will quote prices for the services that your business will need.

Trained Security Staff:

Our regular training sessions in the security company have made our security staff rough and tough in their jobs. They can manage the most delicate situation and take on additional responsibilities.

24/7 Availability:

Our services are provided during the day and night to have the client’s satisfaction because some premises need security during unofficial hours.

Innovative Solutions:

Our security company is adaptable in nature; therefore, we are flexible in using state-of-the-art solutions in our company. Our security guards are also trained to work on advanced security solutions with time.

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