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To protect your business, we provide the best security services in the UK. Not only we are based in London, but our security company in Islington also has a high demand for retail security and other types of security services.

What makes us different from others is our clients. At Accolade we always keep an engaging clientele to make our services better with the feedback we get daily. Our security company has expertise in the security industry for more than a decade, therefore, we confidently protect our clients whenever they need us.

  • Security Company in Islington

We have an energetic team formation of the security forces with proper training and SIA approval. They can encounter all types of security challenges because they are completely committed to their job, improvising security services each day.

SIA Approved Security Guards in Islington

Our professional team of security guards in Islington prioritise professionalism in the security industry. Each one of them has approval from the SIA, creating a good reputation for our security company in Islington by delivering specialized security services. We take pride in being recognised by the leading security industry bodies in the UK, especially the SIA for our constant efforts in delivering quality security services with transparency, fairness and reliability.

Our services include:

Keyholding and Alarm Response:

Installation of an alarm system is important on the premises. It is the first thing that one should get from security agencies to avoid physical threats such as intruders and criminals. Our key holding staff is professionally trained and can be trusted to provide security services at your premises. They will keep a check on the locks and unlocking system so our clients can work in a healthy environment.

Door Supervisors:

Our door supervisors make sure that everyone feels protected in their presence. The services of door supervision are provided to the people who own clubs and restaurants. Sometimes, door supervisors are also required of private inhabitants to avoid intruders and prevent any loss or damage of the people or assets. They can do additional tasks, too. It may include greeting VIP guests and ticket management.

Retail Security:

Security in outlets is more important than anything else because retail security comes with man guarding which keeps customers and assets away from any loss or damage. However, it also includes the installation of CCTV cameras for surveillance of the store as a whole. Our security guards in uniform are capable of handling suspicious activities
that can happen in the presence of shoplifters.

Event Security:

Managing an event is quite a daunting task. Our security services at events can assist our clients in managing the crowd and avoid troublemakers by barring them at the entry points. Our security guards understand the importance of security in public places; therefore, they have strategised a security plan for every different according to the situation.

Why Choose Accolade as Your Security Guards Company in Islington

At Accolade, we are proud to present our security services in the UK. We thrive on recognition from leading security bodies and customer feedback. You should hire us because we diligently work on our values and mission. We recognize the importance of the protection of assets and that every client is different from the other, therefore not one solution can fit all businesses.

Skilled Security Guards:

Our security guards are of high quality and skillfully work on their job. They have approval from the SIA in the UK, which makes them ethically strong and professionally robust in their jobs. they enhance their skills in security jobs through several training sessions going all around the year for their efficacy, adding value to their security skills.

Flexible Services:

we understand that business needs could be different for every entrepreneur. However, our team is flexible and adapts to the latest changes easily. Our security guards are available 24/7 to provide security to our clients. In fact, additional tasks can also be given to them as they are trained to work on short notice.

Economical Cost:

We tend to provide fair prices to our clients. Depending upon their security services, we may ask them to alter their services so that can make a cost-effective deal for them.

Attentive Response:

We prioritise feedback from our clients because we care for them. In fact, we are ready to provide security services on short notice to our potential clients because we believe in quality services and satisfied clientele for our security company in Islington. Our attentive team of security guards works efficiently and rapidly when they find anything suspicious going on.

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