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A team of security experts led by Accolade Security Company in the UK has gained attention in the security industry. Our security company in Lambeth have trained security staff to provide professional security services to our clients. Our emphasis is on tailored security services to our clients whether they need corporate or private security services. We focus on the perfect delivery of security services to retain our clients through their satisfaction level.

At Accolade Security Company, the client does not have to worry about their security because our security guards provide efficient services by using technological equipment and coordination within the premises. Our hard work was witnessed while making customised security plans for each client separately.

We would always be present for our clients to give them comfort and security anywhere in the UK.

  • Security Company in Lambeth

SIA Approved Security Guards in Lambeth

Though our security company in Lambeth has the SIA approval, still we strive to work hard every day for our customers’ satisfaction. With our continuous efforts, the security guards are highly qualified to manage security in the worst scenarios. Our security personnel are always looking for room for improvement. To keep up with the industry standards, they are trained and upgraded with the latest equipment used in the security industry. We would recommend our clients give us feedback at the end because that is the only way to improve our services for the citizens of Lambeth. We value every testimonial received to move forward better in our company.

Our security services are specialised and according to the client’s needs. However, we may offer additional services if our security guards make a few good recommendations. Our security services include:

Keyholding and Alarm Response:

For us, every business premises is essential. We would deploy our security guards wherever we find potential threats to the building. Moreover, our keyholding and alarm response services are helpful in warehouses, especially when there is an intrusion on site and the alarm goes off. Our expert security officers will respond to the emergency alarm and devise a strategy to avoid it in the future.

Door Supervisors:

We try our best to provide you with exemplary service in the security industry. Our SIA-licensed and experienced door supervisors make us proud with their first impression on the client because they greet our guests at the entrance of the premises, simultaneously controlling the crowd.

Retail Security:

Business size does not matter to us. Whether it is a small café or a big supermarket, our retail security services will never disappoint you. We understand the increasing crime rate, therefore we keep an eye on every customer to know about the shoplifters, if there are any.

Event Security:

It is essential to hire security services for events especially when the event is managed at a large scale, such as public events and celebrities are also there. Our event security guards ensure the safety of the guests as well as the venue.

Why Choose Accolade as Your Security Guards Company Lambeth

At Accolade Security Company, the protection of our guests and customers is of the utmost importance. There are several reasons to hire our security company in Lambeth, but the main reason for hiring is quality service across the UK.

Expert Security Staff: Our security guards are highly skilled in providing services in the most difficult situations. They have been trained to change their security plan as per the need, rather than put the client’s security in danger. Most importantly, they will provide you with a report of the unfortunate event that happened and also explain their action to keep up with their professionalism and ethical code of conduct.

24/7 Availability: Our company is focused on customer’s relationship with us. Therefore, we offer 24/7 security services and keep in touch with our experts on duty. Our top-notch security guards know their ethical duty, therefore, daily reporting to headquarters is a part of their job and they are responsible for their tasks.

Flexible Security Services: Our security services are not limited to surveillance for people, we also protect business assets. Our proactive security guards block all unauthorised access after detecting all the possible entry and exit points of the premises.

Budget-Friendly Pricing: We totally understand that every business does not require similar security services, therefore we make tailored services to have fair pricing.

Transformative Solutions: Our security staff is always eager to try new equipment and strategies at their duty. Therefore, we look forward to our clients’ feedback after getting our security services.

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