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We are a proud security company in Tower Hamlets for having the highest rate of customer satisfaction in the security industry. Our efficient security guards use effective security equipment to protect our clients whenever they need security.

We understand that every client has different security needs, therefore, we provide a vast range of security services in the private and public sectors of the UK, such as event security, keyholding services and many more security services. We would never compromise on the quality and our customised approach towards our customers. Our dedicated security staff promises to deliver value to our clients and retain them for the future.

  • Security Company In Tower Hamlets

You do not have to worry about your security with the staff of Accolade Security. We are more than happy to answer all your queries and design a useful security strategy according to your security needs.

SIA Approved Security Guards in Tower Hamlets

At Accolade, our security officers are filtered from a big pool of recruitment. Once they are hired, we provide them with training to advance their critical skills. All our security staff is licensed by SIA in the UK. It is a big relief for our clients because SIA approval means that our security guards are already trained according to the security industry standards.

However, we provide security officers as per our client’s requirements. Our security guards have a good understanding of using the security equipment to remove all the potential threats on the premises. They are also trained to work with additional responsibilities if an emergency occurs on the premises. Every security guard knows the use of a first aid kit and how to conduct themselves professionally in chaotic situations.

We provide a wide range of services at our security company in Tower Hamlets to make sure that our customers experience the best security services:

Keyholding and Alarm Response:

If you want to secure your business assets then you need to consider key holding security and alarm response. It is one of the important security services that cannot be ignored in your business. Our security force is alert throughout the day and night just to keep your premises secure. Therefore, if an alarm goes off in the premises, the security forces will not cause any delays in reaching the premises and locating the intruder because they already have the keys to the building.

Door Supervisors:

Our door supervisors are front liners. They make the first contact with your guests at the entrance. Therefore, we provide training to enhance their communication skills and take attentive measures on all the access points. In case there is an emergency in the building, our door supervisors will responsibly evacuate the area with their expertise in managing an emergency.

Retail Security:

You can stop shoplifters from accessing your store if you hire retail security guards from us. We understand that some facilities are open throughout the day, such as pharmacies or hospitals. It is good to hire security guards to protect your premises during the official hours. We have trained our security staff to assist your customers confidentially and respectfully. Your business size or type does not matter to us, as long we can provide you with retail security services.

Event Security:

Whether it is a small community event or a big musical show, our security guards are there to provide you with the best event security services. They would control the crowd by entering them through ticketing or a biometric system. Moreover, they will take care of suspicious activities and remove potential threats to let people enjoy the event.

Why Choose Accolade as Your Security Guards Company in Tower Hamlets

We assure you that working for two decades and more, our experience in security services is highlighted everywhere in the UK, including our security company in Tower Hamlets with experienced and SIA-approved security staff.

Professional Security Guards:

We choose our security staff based on their SIA licenses as well as previous references. They all are qualified to provide the best security services in the field of retail, event security and other types of security services.

Flexible Services:

We provide you with a wide range of security services. Our security guards are trained to hop on with additional responsibilities whenever required.
Competitive Pricing: To keep costs down, we provide transparency in our services and plan a cost-effective security solution for our valuable clients.

Quick Response:

We provide 24/7 security services to our clients through the latest security technology used for tracking down the location and surveillance.

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