Construction Site Security Guards

Need of Security Guards on Building Sites

February 6, 2024

Security is the utmost important factor for an individual. With the increasing crime rate in the UK, the forces of security guards have also risen. The construction industry has hired the services of construction site security guards to keep those sites safe from vandalism and theft of assets.

However, with modern technology, companies think that they do not need security guards anymore, because they have come up with the latest security systems that have bio-metrics to control the access of the visitors in a building. Nevertheless, it is good to have adaptability to the innovations in the security industry, but security guards have their importance in the security industry.

Security Guards Vs. Technology

Several security companies in the UK are providing services in keyholding, patrolling, surveillance, etc. However, they have also trained their security guards to use the innovation during their duty hours. Technology and security guards can go hand in hand, because both have the same purpose, but have different ways to operate. Moreover, just like any other model of the security camera comes every year in the market and people buy it, the training of security guards does not need to be renewed annually. But they are provided with training sessions for better security practices.

Security Management

A machine can only manage security according to what has been installed in it. However, the security guards can change their decision at any time while analyzing the situation on the premises. Though the machine can remove the potential threats for once, the security guards will keep on looking for upcoming dangers and implement their strategies, accordingly.


Choosing a camera for security purposes is good as everything is recorded in it. The problem with cameras is that they cannot change their angles and you may have to put various cameras in different locations. Hiring construction site security guards can give you relief in providing security services through their physical movement on the site.

Instant Response

However, the burglar alarms work well in the residential area as they alert the individual about the intruder. Unlike security guards, the response time may be quick, but the situation may not look good with the automated security system. Therefore, companies hire additional security services with CCTV cameras. Those security officials are trained to respond in emergency cases, such as meeting an unfortunate incident at work.


Nowadays, cybercrime has taken a toll on the world’s economy. People are going bankrupt while their cards are hacked. In the same way, the automated security locks can also be broken with a hacked code. Therefore, security guards should be hired, because they cannot be hacked. In fact, if they were to be attacked, they would be trained enough to act proactively.

Physical Presence

A person who is spending all their money on a project will always look for reliable security services. They want someone to rely upon. Machine or automated security systems cannot provide such a kind of satisfaction. However, the security guards can assure the best security on the site. They are regularly in contact with the site owner, keeping them informed about the site. It reduces the stress of the individual and they can focus on other aspects of the business.

Though the latest technology is helpful in the security industry, considering security guards on construction sites is equally important. You can minimize the risk of losing assets through a security system, but construction site security guards have zero tolerance for intruders. They will handle the unwanted people on site through their security strategies, rather than relying on the automated security system.