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How to create a healthy security guard diet

Healthy Diet Plan for Security Guards   Sticking to a healthy diet can be difficult at the best of times, and can be almost impossible if you work strange hours. Security guards can have great difficulty keeping to a healthy diet because their role might not involve much exercise, and they usually will only have […]

Brexit affecting the security industry in London

How Brexit will Affect the Security Guard Industry   Regardless of how each of us voted, Brexit has caused a great deal of uncertainty around the economy and national security. However, one industry that hasn’t been looked at in detail is the security guard industry. While there are not really any certain answers on Brexit […]

Top psychology security guard communication tips

Security communication tips Being a security guard is, for the most part, a customer-facing job. Obviously, it’s vastly different from working in the retail or hospitality sector, but the same basic principles apply when it comes to things like communication and customer service. It’s important to know how to interact with people in order for […]

How security guards deal with difficult customers Safely

How Security Guards Deal with a Difficult Guest Safely   Being a security guard is a tough job, particularly when it comes to dealing with difficult customers. It’s fundamental to both the officer’s integrity and the company image that difficult customers are dealt with respectfully and efficiently. Here are some top tips for security guards when dealing […]

Why do events need security guards?

Why do events need security guards?   When it comes to organising an event, security is one of the most important factors to consider. Events security serves a number of purposes, but first and foremost it allows your guests to feel safe while having a good time. Here are the main reasons why events need […]

Essential Equipment for Security Guards

Essential Equipment for Security Guards Being a security guard means taking on a lot of responsibility. The role is quite varied, and a good security guard will be covered for many possible outcomes every time they come to work. A good security guard is massively supported by their chosen equipment. Here is a list of […]

Top Security Guard Skills

Top Security Guard Skills   Being a security guard involves a lot of responsibility and integrity. While many of the relevant skills can be taught, there are definitely some fundamental ones that can’t be. Here is a list of the top security guard skills so you can see if you’d be suitable for the job. […]

4 Stretches for Healthy Security Guards

4 Stretches for Healthy Security Guards Being a security guard in any business or residential set up requires full attention and focus. Unlike various other sitting jobs, the job of a security guard is a tad more hectic. However, if you want to become a healthier security guard, then here are some useful tips. In […]

How to care for your security guard uniform

How to care for your security guard uniform Are you a security guard? You just need to know the tips on how to care for your security guard uniform. If your company requires you to clean and maintain your security guard’s uniform, you may have to find effective tips to keep it clean, looking fresh and […]

Why We Need London security guards

Why Security Guards are Needed in London Security guards are useful in many different settings, whether it’s retail malls, office buildings, or a range of other situations. However, London security guards have much more responsibility than in many other areas of the country, simply because they work in the nation’s capital. Here is a list […]