Construction Site Security

Security Plans for Construction Site

January 22, 2024

Many people spend their lifetime savings on building a house. Buying equipment for the new house is expensive, though, but is there any security on the site? Nowadays, theft in the UK has increased immensely. Not only the individuals are robbed, but the material on the construction site is also stolen. Therefore, citizens should hire construction site security services while building a house or an office.

Most of the security companies in the UK provide corporate security in London and residential security. However, they have different teams to handle these two types of security services, because every security guard has their quality that can be utilized in different situations. These security guards have training from the Security Industry Authority (SIA) in the UK – an authentic authorizing company for security licences and training.

Planning Security for a Construction Site

The objective of deploying security guards on the construction site is to avoid any loss or damage to the assets. Therefore, a foolproof plan should be shared with the client before providing security on the site. There are certain elements to look for when making a security plan for any site.

Look Out for Potential Threats on the Site

It is assumed that an under-construction site is safe from all the potential threats. However, this is not the truth. Some wrongdoers are looking forward to the construction site to steal the machinery or the material. Some of them could also be the agents of your enemy, planning on damaging your assets. Therefore, you must have construction site security services to procure the safety of the material, assets and other potential threats.

Security Fence

The professional security guards in London would always fence around the construction site to keep it protected from potential threats. Some of the fencing also keeps the animals at a distance. Moreover, barbed wires are fenced around the construction site to keep away thieves. The access control points can be installed to allow limited people on the property.

Installation of HD CCTV Cameras

In today’s world, there are HD CCTV cameras that can be installed in any corner of the house or a construction site. Several security plans are incomplete without the installation of those cameras. They cover a big area from different angles. You can install more than one camera in different areas for construction site security to avoid any unfortunate incident, such as loss of assets.

Illuminating the Construction Site

It is always recommended to use security lighting such as floodlights on the site. They are cost-effective and light up the area very well. Those lights should be installed in the dark corners of the site, as well as at the entry and exit points. Lighting the area will keep away intruders and provide a safe environment for the labour working the night shifts.

Extra Security Plan

Every security company trains their security personnel for the emergency response. The security plan cannot be completed if they have not created a plan for emergency response. It could include incidents such as natural disasters or accidents with machinery on site. With the emergency response plan, the security guards can control the panic situation. 

Solution to Construction Security Site

Individuals or businesses who are looking for reliable security services should always go for reviews and recommendations from the security companies in the UK. The construction security site is important for the companies who have warehouses, therefore a security company that can provide complete business security solutions would be suitable in the business sector. As for the citizens, they can have a private security system through residential security services.