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Tom Scott

I am emailing you to pass on a thank you from Linda DaVolls concerning the security staff you had working here yesterday. They were very polite, helpful and professional, (beyond what is expected) I would also just like to add that over the last year I have been very impressed with both the staff that I have been working with and also how each event has been staffed (timings and amount). Thank you and your officers for making these events easy to manage and showing ZSL as a professional organization for hosting events.

Deputy Team Leader
Grounds Operations
ZSL London zoo

Chelsea Football Club

Thank you and your Team for the great support you provide overall at CFC but mainly the doors and your ever presence to support us and your team is very much appreciated. Having you back this year is great, the general feedback from the OCS SLT and CFC Clients is very good especially on how you manage the doors on match days and the players/family area which is much of a less issue this year for us.

Bakary Bah​​​​|Senior Security Manager |Chelsea Football Club

Amy Thursting

kinlondon Events

Amulet Security

Best company to work with, always helpful and not tired of late emergency booking calls. Operations team is very cooperative and professional. Highly recommended Accolade UK Ltd.

“London Zoo Supervisor Omohudo Osemeobo”

Paul Okoronkwo

Very good company to work for.I have worked for accolade security from 2017 to 2020. Very professional and dedicated staffs. I will recommend accolade security for anyone any day any time They have dedicated officers Accolade security treat their customers and staffs with respect and dignity

Raymond Cris

Good team,great managers. A lot of things i learned with them. I had offers from other company’s but i preferred to stay with them I never regretted. I have more then 4.5 years with them God bless you all. Kind regards Raymond

Shabeer Ahmad

With keeping the safety and security of pupils, staff and stakeholder in heart and overcoming constant budget challenges, Accolade was shortlisted by delivering an outstanding pitch and an excellent KPI delivery promise. Accolade has been providing an excellent service over 10 years. The staff members are very professional, assertive, attentive, polite, and well-dressed at all times.

Security Manager – Paddington Academy

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