February 13, 2018



It’s nearing the end/beginning of the year, which means its winter time, ice and snow are not far off. As we all know it Extremely cold weather can present unique challenges for security officers that property managers should bear in mind.

Here are some tips to remember when thinking about the security officers who will protect your facilities this winter:


•       Remind Officers to wear the  Right Clothing

let’s face it, we often underestimate the adverse effect weather has on them. During winter temperatures tend to plunge unexpectedly during either day or night and high accompanied by winds can make low temperatures feel unbearable. Make sure that security officers are properly equipped with protective winter clothing and remind them to wear appropriate protective clothing, including gloves and socks to protect extremities during the coldest weather.


•       Keep Outside Areas Well Lit

Harsh winter weather can make it difficult for visitors and security officers to navigate – especially at night. Strong lighting should be available for access points and along walkways in order to prevent accidents and ensure there is good visibility of security at your facilities.


•       Occasional Breaks

Icy weather can have a profound effect on the human body, reducing attentiveness and increasing the chance of injuries or illness. Encourage security officers posted outside to take short breaks in warm areas as often as necessary to allow them to warm up.


•       Staying in Contact

During harsh weather, there should be a mandatory check-in with managers or other security officers. Maintaining good communications with your colleagues will help ensure vigilant security coverage and help ensure that everyone is safe and protected.


•       Encourage them to Be Vigilant

unexpected hazards can happen during winter which can lead to accidents. Ice on walkways and stairs may not be visible especially when it’s dark, potentially causing slips and falls that can result in serious injuries for both guards and the public. It is advised to be extremely cautious when moving around during inclement weather conditions and be prepared to assist others. Also making reports on buildup ice or snow at client sites to the property manager or supervisor for quick removal to avoid clients or staff accidents.