March 24, 2018

Top 3 tactical boots for security officers

We all know how important it is to protect yourself at work as a security officer to prevent injuries or loss of concentration during your line of work, which is why it is really important to wear the correct/comfortable gears in other to make life easier for you. Sure proper gloves, vest or jackets will protect you from cold or other things but what’s going to save your legs and feet’s from hours and hours of pain and discomfort. So if you are willing to have a good day at work without the worries of leg pain, here is a list of boots you can rely on during your duties.

1. Under Armour men’s stellar tactical boots:

Here’s one of the most popular tactical boots that can make your job less stressful as these boots are designed to support your legs/feet during patrols or other security duties. The under armour men’s tactical boots has a durable exterior with smooth black colour with the logos displayed right on the side as well as the shafts. One of the reasons why this is a must-have boot for you is simply because of its sleek robust exterior which already looks comfortable to the eyes. Also, it’s waterproofed exterior makes it one of the best boots for any Security duties.

2. Smith and Wesson breach 2.0 tactical boots:

These boots give you the durability and reliability you need during your designated duties as a security officer. The reason why this masterpiece made it to our list is how comfortable it feels, giving you an insane amount of torsional rigidity which also helps to reduce fatigue during those long hours of patrol or standing. As if those aren’t enough Smith and Wesson breach 2.0 boots are light on your feet with extra foams and padded interior, making it one of our best selection of boots for Security jobs.

3. Adidas performance Men’s GsG-9.2 training boots:

Every feature on these boots is carefully and articulately thought of, giving you a tactical advantage over the rest of the boots out there.  Whether you are constantly moving, in a static position or attending to an emergency situation, this performance GSG does it all. From the exterior of this masterpiece is a steamed sealed membrane known as “Addituff “ which offers abrasion resistance. This boot is clearly made for any condition regardless of your working environments