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What are the most important security measures in public buildings

September 2, 2022

Security for public buildings has always been a particular challenge. Because of the tense security situation in all areas, however, this field requires the highest level of professionalism on the part of the security forces and a tailor-made security concept. At Accolade security company in London, we have both on offer at all times. We are on duty for customers throughout London for public buildings protection.

The most important security measures in public buildings are:​

Reception services and gate services

Whether it’s a jobcentre in a metropolis, a university library in a big city, or a town hall in a small rural town: gate and reception services are probably among the most basic security measures in every public facility.

​​The experienced security staff of our company is familiar with all common systems in the area of ​​access control, locking systems, and entrance protection and can familiarize themselves with each system within a very short time.

Fire guards in public buildings

Fire safety and fire guards are fundamental safety precautions for buildings of all types. The most important fire protection measures include the training and deployment of internal fire protection assistants through training courses and the covering of fire stations by experienced professionals.

You are in safe hands with Accolade Security: All our emergency services are trained and certified evacuation helpers.

Internal security for authorities and similar areas

Various activities fall within the scope of internal security in public areas: On the one hand, there are stand guards who are set up at certain points where there is a particularly high potential for danger or conflict. If a security incident occurs, the internal security staff are usually the first to be on-site to react accordingly.

Video surveillance

In all publicly accessible areas, camera surveillance is one of the basic security measures. However, for this measure to be effective, professional monitoring of the transmitted video recordings is required. In other words: a professional security guard should constantly keep an eye on the images sent by the individual cameras.

Property protection during closing times

After working hours, the corridors and offices in most public facilities are deserted. To protect yourself against burglars and vandals, professional property security is indispensable when public buildings are closed.

Accolade, a certified security company in London, reliably ensures security in your authority, medical, educational, or cultural institution as part of individual orders or long-term cooperation.