What does a Door Supervisor do?

September 13, 2017

What does a Door Supervisor do?


This about Door Supervisors for a second and ask yourself, What does a Door Supervisor do? What is their role? Well we are here to give you some key information, so whether you are one or are looking for one, you need to read this post!

The job role

It’s not all standing around and guarding doors. Door Supervisors spend the majority of their time interacting with customers and patrons. Our staff are well trained to speak and listen to customers, this approach resolves the vast majority of situations peacefully. So, if you really take that into consideration you will begin to understand, the role is essentially talking to people.

Accolade Door Supervisors

When you recognise the importance of communication in this role, especially in London, you will understand why at Accolade we train our staff to speak and listen. It is better to be a friendly deterrent than a big bully. Patrons, and people, react kindly and calmly to people they like. They react aggressively when threatened.

So, there is our secret, and the key to being a great Door Supervisor. Learn to communicate and do it well.

If you need tips on how to get a job as a door supervisor, you can find more information here. We’ve given a detailed process on how to get a job in the field and some background information that is helpful.