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What is the optimal security for festivals?

October 11, 2022

In terms of event security, festivals occupy a special position, because these mass events, which are connected to a broad audience, often take place in places where otherwise few people go: For many festivals, an event area is created especially on the famous “green field” – and then dismantled again. However, this also means that a festival as a major event takes place in an area that is looked after more as a peripheral area or even as a village area in terms of security. In other words: the nearest police station or professional fire brigade is often a long way away. Event protection by private security services must be correspondingly comprehensive. As a certified security company in London, Accolade is at your disposal in this field of application as a reliable provider.

The good thing about a festival is that you can estimate very well how big the crowd of guests will be based on the ticket sales in advance. This is not only important for planning supply and sanitary facilities but also planning event security.

As security measures at a festival, the following services are among the most important activities for the responsible security service:

Entry controls: The effort involved in setting up a festival site is also so enormous because a huge, self-contained site must be created – and usually without any elements such as fencing being present on site.

Security patrols: With security patrols on the festival site and along the perimeter, conflicts can be contained, and unauthorized persons can be prevented from entering the site.

Concert insurance: The concerts are the neuralgic points of festival security: This is where party-loving, emotionally agitated and often heavily intoxicated participants meet to just really party. There is bawling and dancing in a very small space – which of course goes hand in hand with an increased risk of injury and assault. Accordingly, professional protection at concerts in the context of security at festivals is particularly important.

Other security measures recommended for major events include:

  • Folders on site
  • Fire guards.
  • Stage safety
  • Parking lot security
  • Personal protection for VIPs

Accolade Security company in London can provide you with reliable event security for festivals of all kinds.