What to expect while hiring a doorman?

July 5, 2022

Shoplifting is a daily occurrence in London. With a store detective or doorman, you can drastically reduce the high loss of sales. We are at your disposal as a professional security company in London to prevent shoplifting and reduce costs from theft and vandalism.

When should you hire a shop detective or a doorman?

Investing in doormen makes sense, especially if there has already been a theft in your shop or company. A trained and knowledgeable employee can help you prevent theft and reduce inventory discrepancies.

When should you hire a shop detective or a doorman?

As a bouncer, usually referred to as “doorman” in the industry, we act in the foreground, in contrast to the shop detective. A doorman is mainly used in the entrance or exit area and acts as a deterrent for potential thieves from the outset. The mere presence can therefore be enough of a deterrent for perpetrators to avoid committing theft. However, the doorman is also used to identify groups of perpetrators at an early stage through discrete observation. Thus, the doorman can take preventive and appropriate measures to protect the business from theft.

At the same time, the doorman should appear appealing and inviting to your customers in the entrance and exit areas. This also includes that our employees can identify themselves with their company identity to represent it accordingly. Our job also includes providing service and customer friendliness. It is not uncommon for customers to see the doorman as a contact person to get information about the business or products. In addition, our doorman as a security guard gives your employees and customers a safe feeling, especially in the late evening hours.

A doorman’s duties may also include patrolling the store. This shows our presence throughout the business. This also deters thieves. During a patrol, the doorman also ensures that the security system is in good functioning order. Filling out criminal complaints is also one of the tasks of the doormen.

On request, we also offer investigations if you are troubled by recurring thefts or vandalism. Our Security Company in London would be happy to create an individual security concept for your business to drastically reduce your theft-related sales losses and also take over the entire property protection for you.