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When should you think about personal protection or escort protection?

July 5, 2022

The personal protection of persons and groups of persons at risk and the use of protective measures in the event of acute threats is one of the most sensitive security services and requires absolute professionalism. In the everyday life of VIPs and particularly vulnerable people as well as at events, our carefully trained bodyguards at Accolade Security Company in London offer secure protection against attacks and threats.

Reasons to think about personal protection or escort protection:

Various reasons make you think about professional personal protection or escorts. It can take effort to admit an acute threat. If you or people for whom you are responsible belong to one of the following groups, then get in touch with us. We can assess the situation concretely and create an individual security concept for you.

Personal protection for particularly vulnerable people

Personal protection is an effective means of maintaining personal safety for people who are particularly at risk. Wealthy private individuals and their children, among others, are considered at risk. Celebrities from film, television, sports, and music are among those at risk, as are close family members of VIPs.

In addition, board members and shareholders of corporations, owners, partners, and managing directors of companies are exposed to an increased risk. Politicians and politically active people also belong to the group of people at risk.

Personal protection in the event of an acute personal threat

Belonging to a specific group of people is not always the reason for personal protection. In the event of an acute personal threat, this protection may also be urgently required to avoid incidents and robberies.

Such threats are without question

  • stalking
  • blackmail
  • the threat of violence in person or virtual form,
  • but also, the danger of espionage by corporations, entrepreneurs, and politicians.
Personal protection at events

Another focus of this service is its use at events. The security staff protects VIPs. Protection from a crowd is just as much a part of the job as preventing unauthorized entry into the cabin and backstage area.

In the case of a particularly dangerous situation, protection by several people who are monitored by the appropriately trained commando leader is also possible. In some cases, depending on the event, personal protection by a bodyguard is not sufficient to achieve the desired protective effect.

Let us create an individual offer at the Accolade security company in London after we have created a security concept that suits you in an initial analysis. We look forward to supporting you with our personal and escort protection!