Conducting security search is one of the most challenging aspect of Security job. Although this has been touched on during Security training, a lot of new security guard are confused when it comes to legal and safety protocols of conducting a search. However  the method of searches on a premises should be discussed with the employer. The following information is considered universally applicable to all Security searches  regardless of industry or location.



Tips below should be used in conjunction with your employers and state guidelines for conducting a search on a person:


1.Preparing a search:

Before commencing with a security search allow the person to help in making your job easier by kindly asking them to empty their pockets  or their bags, this also applies to  clothings like jackets etc.


Always ensure their pocket is fully empty before     commencing with the search.

 2.Avoid searching alone:

Always try to have a colleague or supervisors with you during asecurity search process. This is important as a co- worker can serve as a witness incase a person accuse you of any misconduct. If this is not possible always try and seek permission from the person explaining what the plan of the search process is and if they feel uncomfortable with any part of the search. Clear communication is imperative to prevent any misunderstandings between you and the person.

Always ensure you work in pairs to avoid any problems.


3.Gender Specific Searches:

When possible, it is important to have a same sex search conducted. While this may not always be a possibility, you should always strive for the comfort of the person being searched  preventing any claims of harassment.

female officer on search.


4.Contact management:

Any illegal or forbidden items found on a person during a security search should be made aware to the management or your supervisor. Do not accidentally place the found item or object in your pocket as this may result in serious legal issues for you and your security company. So always try to have this in mind as one of your main priority is looking after yourself.

Ensure your supervisor is aware of the security search process or of items being found during search.

5.Seize illegal/forbidden items:

While waiting for for your manager or supervisor to arrive, always confiscate the illegal items. In most cases the person will try to leave with the item depending on what was found, this may be a serious legal issue.

Ensure drugs weapons are confiscated on the premises without compromising yourself.