Healthy Security Guards

4 Stretches for Healthy Security Guards

February 11, 2019

Being a security guard in any business or residential set up requires full attention and focus. Unlike various other sitting jobs, the job of a security guard is a tad more hectic. However, if you want to become a healthier security guard, then here are some useful tips.

In this article, let’s discuss 4 different stretches that can help you in being an attentive and healthy security guard. Having a backache is a common issue among guards. To get effective relief without medication, you should try to follow some simple stretches mentioned below.

1- Restful Pose:

Stretching is the best way to not only relax your muscles, but also to relieve backaches. To have the lengthwise stretching of the complete back, a restful pose is the best. In this stretch, you have to be down on your knees and resting your rear on your heels. Now spread the knees outward while extending your arms in the same manner. Keep on stretching until your face touches the floor. Hold this posture for as long as you can comfortably. Come back to your sitting position and stretch one more time. This stretching pose is suited best for those with long work routines and offers a soothing effect with back pain.

2- Knees To Chest Stretch:

If you want to stretch the lower back muscles and relieve lower back pain, then the best stretch would be the knee to chest stretch. Train with this stretch on a regular basis to stay away from back aches. Lie down straight on a flat surface while your toes are pointed towards the sky. Grip your thigh or knees and slowly pull them towards your chest by bending your knees. Hold your knees in this position for about 30 seconds and then release. Repeat this exercise with each leg to have the relief in the lower back muscles.

3- Knee Twist Stretch:

One of the best stretches to be used by all healthy security guards is the knee twist stretch. This stretch is a powerful method to relax and relieve the abdominal and back muscles. To perform this stretch, all you have to do is to lie straight on your back while extending your legs. Bend the knees in the upwards position and cross one knee across the opposite side of the body. Feel the stretch in your body and stay in this position for about 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, release your body and breathe gently. Repeat the same posture with the other knee and cross it over the opposite side of the body for 30 seconds.

4- Cobra Pose:

For the power-packed stretching of your lower back and abdominal muscle, cobra pose is the most authentic pose. Start this stretch in the same position as a push-up. Lie straight on your belly and lift your upper body using your arms. Keep this position for 30 seconds and then release. Attentive, active and healthy security guards offer the best security service and are in high demand. It is always crucial to take care of yourself and stay healthy and active with these pain-relieving stretches.