Best Course to take with SIA Door Supervisor Training

October 19, 2017

Benefits Of Additional Course/Training

Getting  SIA qualification allows you to legally work in the uk. However it can be a good idea to undertake additional training which will later help you in the future.  Having Broad  skills and qualifications in the industry can make you more appealing to potential employers. Also this can help you get jobs quicker or even earn you more pay due to your knowledge.
There are numerous courses that can help boost your chance of employment, but we feel that completing first aid training is one of the most beneficial.

First Aid Training

There has been requirements of at least one first aider to be on the premises at all times according to UK law. Therefore, taking a first aid training course will allow you to help potential employers to fulfil this obligation. It will also mean that in emergency situations you will have the confidence and skills to provide vital support to anyone in need of help. Below are some of the basic first aid training courses offered by SIA:

HSE-First Aid-1 Day Emergency First Aid:

This a one day training which  covers the full emergency First Aid at Work criteria. With this course you will get a three year valid certificate. This training course can create a difference among the individuals and others in the security industry. There is no special training or any specific qualification required for this course. This course acts as an ideal platform for the introduction of First Aid to the Door supervisors and security officers.

3Day First Aid At Work:

This 3day course is an extension of the 1 day emergency first aid course. It includes an exam and practical assessments. It’s a highly  regarded training by the security industry employers for the Health and safety requirements of the individuals.


There is no argument that the importance of getting first aid certified can’t be overestimated. Also getting a first aid certification will give you the confidence to assess and take charge of unforseen real life situations, recognize signs and symptoms of injury or illness and summon help when necessary.