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We keep you secure

With every service we offer, we have your security and the safety of your customers and venue in mind. Our proven track record shows time and again that Accolade is the best option for businesses of every size because we focus on providing you with the best staff to keep your property and customers safe.

We have years in the industry working with some very large corporations such as Chelsea Football Club, but also with many of the local bars, restaurants and local venues in and around London. We treat every client as a major key to our success and because you are so important, we make sure our clients are happy.

security guard and radio

Accolade has provided complex and professional security guarding services throughout London. Our security officers are fully SIA licensed, vastly experienced, and possess flawless communication skills. In addition to this extensive expertise, Accolade security officers have a very high level of awareness of professional ethics and behaviour. They make an excellent first impression to your colleagues, clients and visitors. Our security guards are screened and vetted in accordance to SIA BS7858 standard.

Accolade covers the following:

  • Front of House
  • Reception services
  • Mail Room


Accolade security has unblemished reputation in providing door supervisors to licensed premises and establishments by providing tailored service for specific venues. Accolade further understands the importance of your license agreement and the laws and regulations that accompanies it. Our door supervisors are screened and vetted in accordance to SIA BS7858 standard.

Our Door Supervisors are trained in the following areas:
  • Crowd Control
  • Meet & Greet
  • Drug Control
  • Incident Reporting
  • Conflict Management
  • ID Check
  • Maintaining A Positive Attitude
  • Well-Spoken & Polite
  • Field training
  • Well Presented
  • Strong Team Player
  • People Skills
  • Street Wise And Vigilant
  • Liaising with Management, Licencing & Authorities

security in hi-vision

Mobile security patrols ready to respond

We have mobile patrol vehicles operating in London which are ready to respond to alarm activations and carry out random security checks to ensure that your business is 100% protected. Our security company also offers the following mobile security services:

  • Securing, unlocking, and alarming your premises.
  • Internal and external patrolling
  • Lone worker checks and escorts
  • Vacant property checks
Key Holding

Our officers will deal quickly with all types of alarm activation’s, or incidents requiring a key holder’s attendance on site. These include:

  • INTRUDER Alarms
  • FIRE Alarms
  • Monitored CCTV Systems
  • Lift Release
  • General Lock Outs

Event Security in London

Accolade is one of the industry leaders in event security provision for high standards in London. We utilise our years of experience providing the services and expertise from all of our staff, venues and contracts in Live Music, Conferences, Community Events, etc. to continue to deliver the required standard of security to keep these events safe and orderly.

We bring professionalism and sophistication to your event. Friendly and helpful Security Officers are often one of the greatest aids to events, keeping them enjoyable and entertaining for all attendees and preventing any confrontations and diffusing situations.

We Stand Apart

What separates us from other security services is our goal and attitude to always surpass and exceed all expectations, minimise risks and confrontations. We assure this by utilising all the resources we have at our disposal both internally and externally.
By using everything at our disposal together with our active management techniques and fine tuning our security officers and services to your requirements, we are able to achieve an exceptionally high quality service which you and our other clients will be happy with and greatly appreciate for years to come.

Our event services are flexible and adaptable to meet the unique needs of each client, this makes the service reliable, professional and dynamic. We are always available for questions and quotes so find out what we can provide for you today.

Fully Trained, Licensed Chauffeurs

Accolade Security offers the most secure chauffeur services in London. The safety and comfort of our clients is our number one priority.  Our professional drivers will take full care of you and let you enjoy a secure and comfortable transportation provided by our company. Our secure chauffeur services are very flexible and can be used for all occasions.

We are completely versatile in every aspect of our processes, and we always cater to each and every one of our client’s wishes.  Our Chauffeurs will ensure that you get to your destination safely and on time.

We know that every customer has different requirements and high standards, which is why we always customise our security solutions. Customer experience is a top priority in Accolade Security.

Our management team also has expert knowledge and experience to advise you on the most appropriate and safe options for car travel in London. Contact us today and feel secure tomorrow!

Well managed retail security in London

Our partnership with you starts with our complete understanding of your unique requirements, high standards, and expectations. The combination of that with our safe guarding solutions and vast knowledge of in-store retail security will help you feel more than secure about your assets.

Highly qualified security officers

Accolade security officers are highly motivated, trained, and disciplined to provide high standards of retail security services in London. Our company also has expert knowledge of loss prevention within the retail sector which will significantly reduce associated risks and allow you to concentrate on your real priority – the customer.

We understand that if we are to provide comprehensive retail security services, we have to do much more than simply assure a storefront presence. We have to understand your ethos and operating process to make sure that you get all the benefits from retail security.
Our security guards will be seamlessly inducted within your business environment, becoming an integrated team member. They are all:

  • SIA licensed
  • Vastly experienced
  • Excellent with the first impression to your clients, colleagues, and visitors
  • Equipped with strong communication skills
Full service retail security

Our complete retail security solutions, providing much more than just presence, ensure the assistance of retailers in streamlining their security functions, reducing their stock loss, protecting their premises, and providing their employees with a secure work environment.

Our track record of retail security services in London is flawless thanks to our unique approach towards each of our clients’ needs and the resulting solutions that we provide. Additionally, we have weekly management visits that ensure high standards of service delivery and our senior management are contactable 24/7 to answer any of your questions.

Book the finest retail security in London

If you are in the process of reviewing your security contract, do not hesitate to contact us and find out how Accolade Security can provide you with refreshing and cost-effective retail security solutions.

Medical Officers

First Aid Cover is one of the most important things to be taken into consideration when planning an event. Planning and deploying your first aid cover effectively could easily prevent incidences from occurring on the day and ensures your event runs smoothly.

We have trained and qualified medics on call and many of our operatives are trained in basic first aid. Our medics can be deployed as part of a team or total solution. Security operatives who are also fully qualified medics can also be arranged. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

We are able to provide specialist medical and first aid cover for any event. No matter the size or type of event we can accommodate your needs.

Dependable concierge & hotel security services in London

Accolade Security provides top notch concierge and hotel security services in London. All of our security officers have exceptional interpersonal skills and extensive security knowledge. And on top of that, our industry-leading training programs makes sure that our hotel security officers are completely capable of fulfilling the unique needs of everyone in the corporate building – condominium residents, hotel guests, and management teams.

The hotel industry is based on flawless service delivery, and good service and security go hand in hand. The guest’s security is connected to the hotel’s success, as poor security can pose too many risks and can compromise the reputation of the hotel. With us, you don’t have to worry about that. Accolade Security is London’s leading provider of hotel security services. Our carefully selected and highly trained officers possess the necessary skillset to provide you with a transparent solution for your hotel security – they will seamlessly blend in with the rest of your personnel.

At Accolade, we are well aware of the critical importance of creating a flexible management support team. Communication at all levels should be open, which is why our directors are contactable at almost any time of the day. Contact us today and secure your hotel now.

Professional security consultancy services in London

Accolade Security provides London’s leading consulting services through a team of experienced professionals. Our security consultants have vast experience and specialities in the security industry such as premises security, security auditing, manned security, and corporate security.

Our robust security strategy helps clients get a better understanding of the overall organisational security risks. When combined with all of our other cutting-edge security methodologies, this complete approach ensures better protection for staff, assets, and information – your business will be 100% safe and secure.

Full service security consultancy

The security consultancy services which we provide incorporate all aspects – from smart planning and structural design, to custom security methodologies and management support. Regardless of the size of your business, our main goal is to provide the best possible solution which is innovative in its approach to most recent threats and technologies.

In short, Accolade consultancy services are the best choice for London businesses looking to implement a bullet-proof security strategy. Our professional security consultants are a natural choice for clients wanting to plan, design, and integrate a complete end-to-end secure business environment which will stand the test of time.
If you are looking to the hire the top security consultant in London, kindly contact us today and let’s talk safety.

We provide property protection advice on:

  • Security and locking systems & management control systems
  • Perimeter alarms & access control systems
  • Corporate security & emergency planning
  • Personnel security awareness & training
  • Surveillance systems
  • Barriers & gates

Body Language

Tone of Voice

Hand Gestures

Use of Force

We’ve helped our clients achieve

Whatever your needs may be, at Accolade we are flexible enough to customize our service around you. We always aim to please our clients and keep all visitors safe and happy.

Partner with Accolade today to join our ever growing network of clients, ensuring your venue has the very best protection London has to offer, with the very best service available.


Situation Control100%
Quality Assurance100%
Reduced Security Costs100%
Client Retention100%