why knife crime is increasing

Exploring Reasons for Knife Crime in the UK

November 3, 2023

London is one of the bustling cities of the UK. In such main cities, crime rates are usually high in overcrowded places. The rising crime rate has terrified the citizens. But overpopulated places are not the only reasons why knife crime is increasing in the UK. Recently, knives have topped the list of criminal weapons in the UK.

Many individuals do not know about the latest crimes, such as ‘Knife Crime’. As the name suggests, this kind of crime is conducted through a knife in committing burglary, robbery or violent assault. Sometimes, the individuals also receive threats on their phones to kill them with a knife.

Contributing Factors in Knife Crime

Have you ever thought about why knife crime is increasing in the UK and a way to get away from such street crimes? As COVID-19 has impacted everyone globally, people have started committing murders in frustration.

The culture of gang wars is imminent, leading to knife crime in the UK. People are terrified to see the violent behaviours of gangs on the streets and in local places. Moreover, access to knives is available to young people, which is creating an adverse effect on their minds and turning them into murderers.

Root Cause of Knife Crime in the UK

Police have tried various ways to target the culprits while stopping them on the roads. However, they have not been successful in their mission as many citizens claim that they have kept the weapon for self-defence purposes as they feel unsafe and that is why knife crime is increasing in the UK. No one would know about the culprit if everyone started storing knives with them all the time.

The world has turned upside down with the influx of social media influencers. Many of them have started creating thrilling experiences that a usual individual would see and may try at home. The youngsters have started committing such crimes under peer pressure. They feel like a loser if they do not attempt a crime and find it exciting to escape from the police.

How to Get Away with Knife Crime in the UK

A security company in London has tried to find ways to avoid knives in the crime. Most of them have suggested beginning with community engagement. It involves people coming out on the roads doing campaigns and slogans. Several conferences should be arranged with motivational speeches about boycotting the crime from the root, especially the knife crime. If social media can play a negative role in some people’s lives, then why cannot social media influencers play a positive role in developing good content for their audience? These celebrities should run campaigns against such crimes, as they are role models for many people.

Another way to get rid of knife crimes is that the citizens of London need therapy for better mental health, especially after COVID-19. Most of them have been laid off from work and are unable to have job security in the UK. The rehabilitation centres should work on the mental capacity of unemployed people and may raise funds for them in the name of social services.

The government can play a vital role in eradicating knife crime or any other criminal activity. They can take the security guard service in London from several security companies that will assist the government in removing weapons from people walking in the street. The coordination between the London police and security guard companies would be a good effort to save the citizens and provide them with a safe environment throughout the day.