Hotel Security Guard Job Responsibilities

November 16, 2018

Hotel Security Guard Job Responsibilities

We all know how much it is essential to maintain the hotel security system. There can be many guests present in the hotel and so their safety matters a lot. The reason is at every point in time the guests could be around. So, it is the responsibility of a hotel security guard to maintain the security of the area.

Mostly the hotels outsource the security responsibilities to the security agencies as they are specialist in this field. Hence, there come many responsibilities that need to be fulfilled by the hotel security guard.

Today, in this article, we are going to discuss the top hotel security guard responsibilities. This article will help you to choose the best security guards in London.

Top Hotel Security Guards Responsibilities


  1. Hotel Premises patrol:

It is the responsibility of the hotel security in charge to conduct the patrol of interior and exterior premises on a daily basis.


  1. Check the Parking area and rooms:

The top responsibility of the hotel security guards is to properly check the parking area as well as whether all the doors around the hotel are locked, it is necessary to make sure all the rooms are properly silent, to keep the guests undisturbed


  1. monitoring who enters the hotel:

The best hotel security guards in London make sure that all the people in the hotel are well looked after, knowing the guests from the staffs. If any doubtful person finds around the hotel, proper measures should be taken.


  1. Fill the security log:

It is the responsibility of the hotel security guard to fill the small reports of the areas that have checked.


  1. Manage the security guards:

The in charge security manager is responsible for allocating every security guard work as well as to manage all security-related tasks.


  1. Keep a constant check:

Always keep a constant check on the other security personals and see whether they are performing the right job or not. Moreover, also take corrective actions, if any faults are found.


  1. Check the Vehicles:

In order to be the best hotel security guards, staff need to perform their duties accurately. So, it is also their responsibility to check the cars coming inside the hotel premises at the gate.


  1. Scanning the luggage:

The luggage of every guest should check properly so that no hazardous materials could enter the hotel.


  1. Keep tracking the cameras:

To ensure who is entering the hotel, you should always track the cameras installed in the hotel premises and report if there is any doubt.


  1. Monitor alarms:

The alarms installed on the hotel premises should be appropriately monitored and arrange emergencies.


  1. Proper information database:

The security guards should maintain the security stations by installing proper information database and always stay connected with the security room to perform the necessary actions at the time of emergency.

So these are some of the main responsibilities of the best hotel security guards in London. Always hire the best guards for your property to keep the guests safe and sound.

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