Security company in London

How security services support you in retail?

August 5, 2022

Security in retail

The UK retail trade is confronted with an inventory-difference challenge every year due to theft and damage caused by vandalism in electronics stores, clothing stores, etc. Therefore, when it comes to monitoring large sales areas, you must get professional support. Our security company in London reliably prevents shoplifting and takes care of the safety of employees and customers.

Security in the department store

Every year, theft cuts enormous holes in retail’s tight margins. The thieves come from all walks of life, are of all ages, and are found among both men and women. It therefore requires experienced security staff and good surveillance technology to be able to secure thieves while innocent customers are not bothered.

Professional employees are specially trained to detect and prevent theft. They also guarantee protection against vandalism and rioters. In deprived areas, customers prefer shops that provide increased security. The presence of security staff as a doorman or in parking lot surveillance gives your customers a good feeling and effectively protects your employees from attacks.

This also applies after the shop has closed: to prevent burglaries and theft on public holidays or at night, this security staff also offer a patrol service. Professional security guards make regular rounds and check entrances and windows.

As with all security services, protection can only be effective if experienced personnel are deployed.. We attach great importance to proper work clothing and train our employees in de-escalation training, as well as fire protection assistants and first aiders. Our Services include:

  • Security service

Safe from burglary and vandalism: We take care of fire and burglary alarm systems and show presence.

  • Doorman

Prevention is better than intervention. We offer you both. This is how we effectively prevent theft and robberies.

  • Charging detective

Extended opening times and growing sales areas make it difficult to monitor retail spaces. We have a trained eye for shoplifters.

We at Accolade, a professional security company in London, specialize in individual security concepts – also for your business.