Security Guard Uniform

How to care for your security guard uniform

February 3, 2019

Are you a security guard? You just need to know the tips on how to care for your security guard uniform. If your company requires you to clean and maintain your security guard’s uniform, you may have to find effective tips to keep it clean, looking fresh and pressed. After all, a wrinkled uniform reflects a bad impression of your company; it also gives a bad impression to your boss that you don’t take your job seriously. If you work as a security guard, here are some simple tips and tricks to care for a security guards uniform and look the best at the job.

So, continue reading this article, and you’ll get to know how to care for your suit.

Tips To Clean Your Security Guard Uniform

We know you’re desperately looking for the most effective, yet simple to follow tips for keeping your uniform clean and in good form. So here is how we can help you.

Removing The Stains:

If your uniform is stained, then the first step for cleaning your suit is to use stain remover before throwing it into the washer. You need to put a stain remover on the stains as soon as possible. This will help you stop the stain from setting permanently on the uniform. However, your job might not allow you to clean it on the spot; thus, you have to wait until you get home.


The second step after using stain remover is to clean your uniform and wash. You need to separate your dirty clothes in whites and blacks so that you don’t run dirty clothes in the washer together. Put the mild detergent with a half cup of vinegar in the washing machine to clean the clothes. Vinegar softens the clothes and also remove the odour from your security guard’s uniform.  Please use warm or hot water to remove any bacteria.

Drying And Ironing:

Once you are done with the wash cycle, move your security guard uniform from the washer to your dryer. You need to tumble dry to remove any remaining bacteria. After drying, flatter on the ironing board. You need to do ironing immediately after it dries out. It helps you to remove wrinkles and keep your uniform in good condition. However, you can use a lint remover, if needed, before you set out for the work. Your uniform is now ready to tackle your working day again.

Boost Confidence!

A crisper and a clean uniform of yours not only give you confidence, but also puts the great impression of you on others. While working on a job, it’s important to feel confident to show excellent performance. Well-fitting clothes in everyday life give you the confidence to show ultimate results at service.

So these are some useful tips to follow while keeping your performance at its peak!