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Security Company in Westminster

Taking a look at the UK’s security system, Accolade Security has dedicated its security services with advanced solutions to their clients. We offer security services 24/7 to our clients so that they can relax during and after official hours. From event security to retail security and door supervisors, we are proud to serve our customers according to their security needs in Westminster. Our security company in Westminster is approved by the SIA (Security Industry Authority).

We have qualified security guards who thrive on improving themselves with regular training sessions. Our security guards have the technical knowledge to use innovative security gadgets to remove the potential threat from the premises. We do not compromise on standards. We have the highest security standards in terms of professionalism and reliability. Our trained security staff understand the ethical code of conduct for which they are trained regularly.

  • Security Company in Westminster

Our security guards are ready to take up challenges and extra responsibilities, such as dispute management or stock control. The training of the security staff serves the purpose of making them ready for emergency response and take additional duties when required. 

Whenever you choose the security company in Westminster, you must choose the one that you can trust. At Accolade, the business size does not matter. The client can be assured of working in a safe environment while the security guards are taking care of the assets on site.

SIA Approved Security Guards in Westminster

We select our security guards in Westminster by making them do proper assessments through which we evaluate their capabilities to join our security services. Our security guards have retained our clients for the past few years with their diligent security services and reliability at all times.

Accolade Security is SIA approved Contractor and ISO 9001:2015 for the provision of a Security & holds Scheme for Security Guarding. Whether it is a business site or a residential security, we have trained our security staff accordingly. Our list of security guards has the expertise to manage a warehouse and a house. We connect them with our clients according to the client’s specifications.

We offer a range of security services, including:

  • Retail Security

Businesses require protection of their assets, especially in stores and warehouses. They are vulnerable to theft and shoplifters in their daily routines. The security guards are well-trained to be attentive all the time and keep an eye on suspicious activities to remove any unfortunate event.

  • Event Security

The organisers of different events require security so that people can enjoy their time and are not distracted from any potential threat. Therefore, public events have more security than an intimate events. Moreover, the security guards are deployed at the entry and exit points to ensure the entry of the guests, only.

  • Keyholding and Alarm Response

We offer keyholding and alarm response services. When the alarm goes out, our security guards will be at your premises just in time. If they do not find any intruders around the premises, they will thoroughly investigate the area to find out the reason for alarm activation to ensure the safety of your premises.

  • Door Supervisors

A security plan is incomplete if the security guards cannot record the influx of customers. The door supervisors are responsible to meet and greet the guests at the entry point of the premises. They help manage a conflict on the site and avoid intrusion in the building.

Why Choose Accolade as Your Security Guards Company in Westminster

We are an enthusiastic team of a security company in Westminster and committed to providing exceptionally good standards of security services. Here are some reasons for which is why you should choose us:

  • Well-Trained Security Guards

We have trained our security guards to deploy them in various places, such as offices, houses and public locations. They have different strategies for emergency response, making them efficient in conflict resolution.

  • Customised Security Services

We understand the unique security needs of every client. Therefore, we strategize every security plan differently from the previous one, because customer satisfaction is our utmost priority.

  • 24/7 Availability 

We know our ways to keep a client satisfied and relaxed by providing them with round-the-clock security services whenever they need them. 

  • Innovative Security Solutions

We use hi-tech security services for our clients to remove all the potential new ways of security threats and encounter any danger with the highest level of security services. 

  • Economical Pricing

We ensure that our clients are getting the best security experience through our reasonable prices.

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