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Professional Security services for event protection in 2022

May 23, 2022

2022 will ensure a sigh of relief in the event industry, because after almost two years without any real major events, most events can finally take place again in the usual setting. However, this is accompanied by increased demands on the organizers in terms of event protection. Therefore, it is important to set up and implement event security professionally. This includes both sound planning and the reliable implementation of event security measures in 2022. As a certified security company in London, Accolade is at your disposal for this field of application as a reliable provider.

Why is professional event security so urgently needed?

At events, temperaments and emotions are usually concentrated in a very small space: whether it’s a party atmosphere at a festival or an aggressive mood at a protest rally – events are usually very emotionally charged affairs. And where emotions boil up, conflicts are inevitable.

Whether the superfan in the frenzy of the festival tries to get on stage to meet his idols despite all the obstacles, or demonstrators threaten public safety: professional event security is a must at any event today. It does not only apply to commercial occasions, major events, and public events.

The initiators of business events, private celebrations, and community festivals are increasingly turning to the services of security services to secure their events.

It is more important as there is currently a general brutalization, an increased tendency to be aggressive even on trivial occasions, and a lowering of the inhibition threshold for attacks. To hold an orderly event despite the tense social situation in many places, professional security in the form of experienced stewards on the premises, reliable doormen at the entrances, and specially trained fire safety guards are highly recommended for most events. Aquila Security is at your disposal for event protection throughout London.

What are the most crucial factors in event security measures in 2022?

When planning event security, it is of course useful for organizers to be able to assess which measures are the most important to professionally secure their event. Today we are therefore giving an overview of the security measures that will be particularly important and necessary in 2022 as part of event protection – and provide information on what needs to be considered when implementing the security precautions.

The following security measures are particularly important in event security in 2022:

  • Have a risk assessment drawn up
  • Doormen for admission controls at all entrances
  • Create and implement hygiene concept
  • Hire fire safety guards
  • Use a certified security service

Other security measures recommended for major events include security patrols with guard dogs and the use of security-trained service staff in areas such as the cash register and cloakroom.

Accolade Security company in London is your competent partner for reliable security in all these fields of event protection!