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Top psychology security guard communication tips

May 27, 2019

Security Communication Tips
Being a security guard is, for the most part, a customer-facing job. Obviously, it’s vastly different from working in the retail or hospitality sector, but the same basic principles apply when it comes to things like communication and customer service. It’s important to know how to interact with people in order for security guards to be seen as helpful and approachable. To help get the most out of your role, here are some of the top security communication tips.

1- Know How To Communicate With Different Social Groups

It’s very basic psychology. knowing how to speak and listen to different social groups will improve a security guard’s approachability.  So one of the top security communication tips is to be adaptable in your communication strategies.  Know that you’ll need to change your mannerisms when dealing with the elderly, or with very distressed people.

2- Have A Positive Customer-Facing Appearance

More often than not, security guards are the first staff customers see when entering a building, such as a hotel or shop. Therefore, having a positive public front will greatly improve accessibility. This is another important security communication tip because customers need to feel that a security officer is happy to help them.

3- Be Aware Of Body Language

This is another basic psychology strategy. Much of what you say isn’t in words, but in the way you hold yourself. Technically called non-verbal communication, it’s one of the biggest security communication tips because it again goes back to approachability. A security guard who’s stood there with their arms crossed and head facing away not only looks like they’re not listening. At the most basic level, body language can be improved with a smile and uncrossed arms. Have a look online for some of the most effective non-verbal communication strategies. Find out how to deal with aggressive guests .

4- Be Consistent In Your Practices

This often falls by the wayside, but is another of the most important security communication tips. Ensuring that all potential customers know they will be treated the same; regardless of age, gender, race, etc., means they will feel safer approaching a security guard. Effective communication boils down to consistency in relaying information. Whether this is to colleagues or customers. As a security guard, it’s imperative that everyone gets treated the same. Your primary job role is to ensure the safety of all, whatever their role.

There are many more security communication tips, but these are the most effective with the least change to current working practices. Much of it is based on entry-level psychology; so if you’re looking for ways to improve your communication at work, spend some time researching the topic online. Many tips for other industries can easily be applied to security because much of the job boils down to good listening, attentiveness, and being open.