Top Security Guard Skills

March 12, 2019

Top Security Guard Skills


Being a security guard involves a lot of responsibility and integrity. While many of the relevant skills can be taught, there are definitely some fundamental ones that can’t be. Here is a list of the top security guard skills so you can see if you’d be suitable for the job.


  1. Alertness


A good security guard must be alert at all times. After all, the role is entirely based around keeping people safe and making sure no crimes are committed in your area. Whether you’re a security guard for a shopping centre, an office block, or any other establishment, it’s important for you to stay focused at all times. An unobservant security guard can easily miss what’s going on around them.


  1. Customer service


This is possibly one of the most important skills for a security guard to have. Whichever way you look at the role, it’s a customer-focused one. Many people rely on security guards to provide information and assist them with problems. And considering you might have to deal with people when they’re upset and scared. Basic empathy and listening skills are incredibly useful.


  1. Commination skills


Security officers are often the front line of defence. Security guards be a valuable help to the police if any crimes are committed in their place of work. Good communication skills go hand-in-hand with alertness, as you need to be able to state what you saw in the event of a crime. An effective security guard will have both good written and verbal communication skills. This will allow them to report on any issues that have arisen.


  1. Honesty


A good security guard has to be honest. The role comes with a great deal of responsibility. Many companies or individuals put their trust in officers to keep their place of work safe. The role will likely involve key-handling and possible involvement with money or valuable goods. For this reason, it’s important to maintain integrity in the role.


  1. Attention to detail


It’s also very likely that a security guard will have a wide range of tasks as part of their daily activity. It’s crucial to be detail orientated in order to perform everything to the best of their ability. The role will usually require following a set of instructions from the client. So it’s important to stick to these and not miss out any details, regardless of how minor they might be.

There are many more skills required to excel in the role of a security guard, but these are definitely the most important. Anyone looking to become a security guard should be aware of the responsibility that the job requires, and also the image they would be expected to portray. A security guard should always look clean and professional, as they represent both their firm and their employers. If you’re considering becoming a security guard, make sure you have all of the skills listed here before going any further.