Building Site Security

Safekeeping Guidelines for Construction Site

January 23, 2024

Recently, the crime rate in the UK has increased. They have not only targeted individuals but also commercial sites, too. The intruders aim to damage or steal the assets from the building site. The theft and vandalism on those construction sites have created big financial losses for the owners. Therefore, building site security is required in the UK.

Threats on a Construction Site

A construction site has potential threats to the material, assets and violence on the labour. Other hazardous situations would require security to avoid any unfortunate incident. Vandalism could also be a threat if the construction site is building against an influential individual or the party in the city.

How To Secure a Building Site

Security companies in the UK have trained security guards. They do active patrolling, and know the technical use of HD cameras for CCTV footage. Their coordination and communication skills give you the best security experience.

On-site Security Staff

To secure any building site, the physical presence of security guards is essential. They provide several benefits. Most importantly, they control the visitors’ access and do not allow uninvited visitors because their entry could be suspicious. With access control, security guards are alert to all the potential threats and remove those dangers as much as they can. To have efficient site security, those guards can be placed in various locations to keep the area secure, rather than relying only on the fixed angle of the CCTV footage.

Special Security Dogs

The sense of smell is strong in all the dogs. But there are a few breeds that are trained for security purposes. They are known as K9 dogs worldwide. They contribute to the security industry through their strong sense of smell. These dogs can smell potential threats at a perimeter, which is useful on the construction site. Also, the intruders may stay away from the site where they will see a trained dog in the location for building site security.

Mobile Patrolling

Other than CCTV camera and K9 dog for security purposes on the site, there should be mobile patrolling, too. Patrolling around the construction site will keep unlawful activities away. The intruders will not be in the surroundings if they know that the area is protected through patrolling as the security services may catch them at any time of the day.

Traffic Marshals

Additionally, the building site requires traffic marshals, too. They are responsible for the smooth entry and exit of the machinery and heavy vehicles on the site. The construction site requires heavy machinery and vehicles, such as cranes and tractors. The traffic marshals give the signals at entry and exit points to avoid any major accidents on the site.

With the increase in criminal cases, the security services in the UK have also gained diverse experience and offer various security options to their clients. They understand that every client has a different security need. Some may need patrolling only, whereas others may require installation of CCTV cameras, security dogs and security guards. They have widened their security services in the UK to keep the citizens safe around the city so they can enjoy and have good experiences in social gatherings and public places.

To have the best building site security, you must hire professional security services that are approved by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) in the UK. The approved security guards’ company from the SIA are well-trained to manage a chaotic situation along with the protection services. You can go for additional security services, depending on the needs of the construction site and your budget.